Beautiful and Dazzling Bohemian Living Room Interior Design Ideas

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Beautiful and Dazzling Bohemian Living Room Interior Design Ideas

If you’re a free spirit, then the artistic designs of the bohemian style would speak volumes to you.

From the pretty wicker baskets to the handwoven interior decor, the bohemian designs for interiors in Bangalore embody the raw, wild feel of nature. Bohemian interiors always have this subtle layering and yet bring the whole theme together.

There are several ways in which our Interior Designers in Bangalore plan the bohemian interiors.

Add Lots of Textures in the Designs

Bohemian Living Room Texture Designs

The one unique feature of bohemian designs, when compared to the other design elements, is the adequate number of textures it has. 

You can pick out different textural design elements like plant hangings, wall hangings, tapestry, throw pillows and other major interior items with varying texture and one underlying theme — bohemian. 

With different items at your home, you can change its location, throw on a blanket, add a rug and create new interiors with the same designs. 

Bring in Items of Character

Bohemian Living Room Decor Ideas

By character, we mean the items that signify a meaning to you.

It can be that travel lamp you got up on your overseas travel, those colorful stones you picked up on your backpacking trip, that brass family heirloom and any other items that have a story behind them.

Sprinkle these items around the room on different shelves, tables and walls. The bohemian designs are all about making a human connection and such pieces would help you reflect the same. You can always get the assistance of the home interior designers in Bangalore to decide which items would work the best for your decor.

Place Many Potted Plants

Plants, plants and more plants — this should be the official theme of bohemian decor!

When we talk about connecting with nature and the raw texture, we can not include the plants.

You can add several potted plants to your living room placed at different locations. A small potted plant on the table, a big potted one next to the seating area and maybe a medium-sized plant near the entrance would make the bohemian design sing. 

You can also add hanging potted plants near the windows and some funky decor hanging decor to beautify the space.

Pick Up Handmade Items

Bohemian Living Room Handmade Ideas

The professional interior designers in Hyderabad suggest your design based on the bohemian interiors isn’t complete without some handmade materials. This can be anything from painting, wall hanging to upholstery, handwoven pillow covers, handmade clay pots, etc. These natural, handmade elements complement your bohemian decor and accentuate the natural features.

If you want to go all out with the bohemian decor, you can always pick up handmade chairs, tables and other wooden items for a rugged, bohemian look.

When you aren’t sure about the right pieces to make your interiors look natural and inviting, you can now reach us. Our Decorpot’s living room interior designers in Bangalore have expertise in identifying suitable bohemian designs that would work well with your space.

Decorpot has designed many living rooms in the bohemian design to feel relaxed, warm and comfortable. Reach out to our interior designers in Bangalore to design your living room in the bohemian style.