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Creative nursery ideas for new parents!

May 15,2019

New parents usually look forward with great enthusiasm towards decorating their babies' room. They make sure that everything is perfect when it comes to welcoming their new family member, including planting out a new nursery in the kid's room.


A story about the fusion of tradition and class!

May 06,2019

Home has a significant role to play in a person's life. A peaceful home has a lot to contribute towards the emotional well being, self-esteem, and confidence of an individual.


The Happy Place

Apr 22,2019

The peace of mind is restored when you’re home. The only place you move around in comfort even when you wake up and your hair is all messy.


Home Decoration Tips And Secrets For The Warm Weather

Apr 16,2019

Holidays are what inspire most people to change or modify the decor of their homes. However, if you feel stuck during the rest of the year, you can take inspiration from the changing seasons to decorate your home accordingly.


The Minimalist Abode

Apr 09,2019

There's no place like home. At least most of us would agree to this. Even a true wanderer would come back home seeking relaxation.


Stay in Vogue This Summer

Mar 26,2019

Summers are finally here and it brings along the sweltering hot and humid atmosphere! In addition to welcoming the longest days of the year, we have put together a few ideas to keep your home in vogue this season while keeping a cool and calm outlook.


A journey from haven to a heaven

Mar 19,2019

Who knows if we can really put into words what it means to be home. Some feelings are difficult to articulate and one such feeling is being home. 


The warmth and style your home need - 7 Home Décor Ideas from the experts at Decorpot!

Mar 05,2019

Home is where your story begins! Now imagine if your story was full of style, class and warmth? That’s why it is essential to ask the experts what’s best for your home!


Elegance Redefined

Feb 13,2019

At Decorpot, we carefully plan the design and curate décor elements accordingly too. Take for instance our client Mr. Ashok Kumar and his lovely family, who came to us with the hope and a wish, that we can give shape to their dream home.


5 ways to make the best first impression of your home

Feb 05,2019

Did you know that it takes only 26 seconds for someone to form an opinion of your home when thy walk through your front door? Check out 5 easy hacks to achieve that dapper look for your home.


A Decorhome that reflects the warmth of dreams

Jan 22,2019

It might take hands to build a house, but moreover it needs a good heart to build a home. This quote by sticks true to Mr. and Mrs. Vatsal, proud owners of a #Decorhome.


Interiors 101 - Get Interior Design Ideas in Eight Simple Steps

Jan 10,2019

It is 2019, a new year, where most of us would be looking for a few things to change. We probably change the way we look, change the way we dress, so why not change the way our house looks?


A story of tradition entwined with modern elegance

Jan 07,2019

Traditional style stands apart in any vertical of art and décor. Stretching from North to South and East to West, traditional interior designs have so much to get inspiration from.


Keep It Classy This Christmas

Dec 22,2018

The most awaited vacay of the year is here and we just can’t keep ourselves away from all the merriness. It’s that time when we all hustle up to make our homes look glammed up, to reflect that Christmas spirit.


An artsy yet earthen abode!

Dec 12,2018

Every home is a realization of a one’s dream which when blends with a designer’s vision comes out as beautiful piece of art. Mr. Rahul Jha’s #Decorhome is a classic specimen of the aforesaid. Positivity radiates from every corner of this home.


How To Design An Elegant Home For Your Family

Dec 05,2018

Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family catch up, and the laughter never ends. Home is not only created with love but also with the perfect kind of interiors. If you have a home that you want to look stylish, then we have some of the best tips for you!


A Sneak Peek Into An Abode Of Dreams

Nov 27,2018

They say that home isn’t a place; it is a feeling! this asserts upon the point of designing a beautiful home that can reciprocate that homely feeling. The right aesthetics and design, make the vibes at your home more positive.


5 Minimal Home Decor Ideas For The Minimalist In You

Nov 21,2018

Messy might be the new cool but there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a freshly spruced space. Just pause for a minute and take a good look at your home. Ask yourself, do you need all of this? Paring things down to the basics and ditching the superfluous can do wonders to your home.


A Home Close To The Clouds!

Nov 13,2018

How does it feel to own a beautiful home that makes you feel like touching the skies? At this beautiful #Decorhome situated in electronic city, feels the same. There’s something special about this #Decorhome that reimagines cozy not as a word but as an experience all together.