Foyer Area Interior Designers In Bangalore
Foyer Interior Designers In Bangalore

Foyer Area design

In India, we wholeheartedly believe that guests are equivalent to the Almighty. The widely used phrase ‘Atithi Devo Bhavah’ shows how much homely and hospitable we wish to be towards those who step inside the threshold of our houses. As a result, while decorating or refurbishing a house, a guest’s perception of the house always stays in the back of the host’s mind. Will they like it? Will they feel welcome enough?

Although much of the answers lie in the warmth and hospitality you shower upon them, there is no better space to make that first impression, other than the foyer. For those whose front door does not open immediately into the living room lies an opportunity called the foyer, a very important bit of interior space. The foyer is the first bit of home, that the guest interacts with when they come inside, and thus it has to speak about the hospitality of the rest of the house. Design it too cramped up and suffocating, and you will ensure that the guests get an uncomfortable vibe. On the other hand, too little décor focus might make the foyer space look neglected altogether.

At Decorpot, we help you find the right balance between the design elements and the associated functionality, thus helping you create the perfect foyer for your home.

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Foyer Interior Designers in Bangalore

Decorpot - Interior Designers has acquired the expertise over the years, of understanding the right household dynamics and create the perfect interior décor concept accordingly. It is true that not all modern homes have the space for a foyer, nor does the occupant’s lifestyles call for investing in foyer decoration. However, we assure you that if you wish to create a foyer area but are concerned about the available space, we will utilise our creative minds to churn out unique yet ingenious ideas, to add specific design elements to segregate the foyer space from rest of the living room, while making the entire setup still look spacious.

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