Interior design for a home is like a brain for a human, like a brain makes a human body functional and lively, interiors do the same for your home space. An empty space of a house with transformed into a compatible and harmonious home with a proper and structural interior design. It differentiates and segregates your home space and fills it with engineered materials based on a design to turn it into accessible places such as a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or balcony. The home interior design is a work of art and accessibility cohesively inclined towards making the most out of home space and also making it look visually appealing.

Our Interior Design Services in Bangalore

Room Interior designers in HSR Layout

Rooms Interiors

Bedrooms are the most personal and favorite place for one in their home. Our bedroom interior designers craft each of master bedroom interiors, guest bedroom interiors, kids bedroom interiors with imperial designs that hold elite comfort.

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Kitchen Interior designers in HSR Layout

Kitchen Interiors

Kitchen keeps your kith and kin together and happy. Its where the kindling of love and happiness starts. Our kitchen interior designers in bangalore help you get the most functional kitchen interior with luxurious designs.

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Living room Interior designers in HSR Layout

Living Interiors

Living room is the chill and most lively area in your happy home. Our living room interior designers make it more enthusiastic and elegant with their attractive interior designs that increases the comfort and cozy factor.

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Our Interior Design Projects in Bangalore

Our team of best interior designers in Bangalore, along with our other design experts have totally crafted and delivered over 4250+ happy homes in the city of Bengaluru. We envision the requirement and dreams of our clients and work towards creating the home they wanted it to be. We present you some of the happy homes delivered in bangalore we have done to your reference.


Small Living Room Interior Design Ideas for your Home - Decorpot

Check more ideas about small living room interior design for your home that will help you make the most of your limited living room space to make your good time even better.

TV Units Design Ideas

Explore the best TV unit design ideas for Hall 2023. TV cabinet designs for living room and other rooms from Decorpot Home Interiors.

15 Kids Bedroom Interior Design Ideas in Chennai

Kids are our happiness. Let's make the kids stay happy forever with these best kids bedroom interior design ideas from our best interior designers in chennai. 

11 Effective Tips For Creating Beautiful Interiors at Home

Let's see the 11 Effective Tips For Creating Beautiful Interiors at Home from our best interior designers in bangalore to make your home a sweet home. 

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We have collaborated with the leading industries and brands to deliver the best interior design for home in bangalore to our clients. Our partners help us to deliver top-quality materials and increase our standards.

Decorpot Home Interior Designers Reviews

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Nowadays, less is more, more or less. Minimalistic and statement interior design styles are exclusively designed for your home space by our interior designers in bangalore.


World-renowned scandinavian designs that are eye catchy and exquisite are here to grace your home space and make it more meaningful.


Mixing up various style is a new trend and our interior designers in bangalore offer more diverse design styles to make your home a unique one.


Staying and going with contemporary art is an easy way to get a chic look and our interior designers in bangalore deliver the exact.

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FAQs about Home Interior Designers in Bangalore
From Our Valuable Customers

  How to choose interior designers in bangalore?
There are lot of factors comes into play and to consider while choosing interior designers in bangalore for your home. The credibility of the firm, their experience, portfolio,prices and more. Our interior designers at decorpot ticks all the boxes you are looking for.
  How much does interior design cost in bangalore?
The cost will differ depending on your space and requirements. For a 1BHK, 2BHK home or apartment, the basic end to end interiors will cost you from 3.5 - 5 lakhs
  What is the difference between Interior designers and interior decorators?
Interior design involves the process of crafting a functional space within a building, including furnishing and decorating it. On the other hand, interior decorating focuses primarily on furnishing and decorating a space to achieve specific aesthetics. Interior designers can also serve as interior decorators, the reverse is not true – interior decorators cannot perform the full range of tasks that interior designers can.
  What is the time frame of interior designing of my home?
Lot of factors including the scale of your project, the scope of work, the design style decides the time frame of interior designing for your home. At decorpot, from the time of approval for the design from our interior designers in bangalore, it will take six to eight weeks for installation and delivery.
  What are the services interior designers in bangalore offers?
Our interior designers in bangalore at decorpot offers end to end interior design solutions for your home. We design every part of your home from foyer, shoe units, living room interiors, false ceiling, Tv units, kitchen interiors, puja room designs. Bedroom interiors, wardrobes and more.
  What is the average cost of home interior designers in bangalore?
In a city like bangalore, where different types of home spaces and the requirements been fulfilled by our interior designers in bangalore, the average cost of interior design will be around 3.5 - 6 lakhs
  What are the different types of interior design styles in bangalore?
There are a lot of designs keeps evolving in the interior design industry and our interior designers in bangalore are known for creating contemporary designs and also unique ones. Some of the interior design styles are Minimalistic design, Eclectic Designs, Modern art, traditional interior design, Scandinavian designs and more.