A Generous Luxury Space Tailored with Finest of Finishes by Decorpot

3BHK, Salarpuria Sattva Celesta, Battarahalli

Home:  A 3BHK at Salarpuria Sattva Celesta

Owner: Aman Rayat and family

Family's Requirement:

Family's Requirement: Owning a picture-perfect home has always been Aman and their family member’s dream. The family thanks Decorpot for making this dream come true and for its perfect design, planning, and execution by the top interior designers in bangalore.

The traditional living room is both timeless and cozy for the family with its elegant shapes and textures. It gives a comforting vibe that is warm and welcoming. our luxury interior designers in chennai came up with A constant color theme throughout the interiors adding a vibrant flow to the house. A combination of both modern and traditional kitchens blends perfectly to give it a personal style that you won't find in other homes. The light color of the kid's bedroom makes the space appear spacious, while simultaneously adding tranquility to the room. The cove and the surface lights have the ability to generate dramatic effects. and is ideal for decorations. 

3BHK, Salarpuria Sattva Celesta, Battarahalli - Bangalore

Salarpuria Sattva Celesta, Battarahalli