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For a home, no matter the size and space, there will always be a place for the love of the Gods. Pooja rooms are considered the most respectable and sacred place in a home.

People want it to be perfect no matter what. They consider the pooja room as the source of all good things and want to showcase their devotion at the highest level.

So designing a pooja room demands more attention and input from people in the home to make it look like a holy shrine inside the home.

Our pooja room designers in bangalore take everything into consideration and carefully craft the best pooja room designs that carry a calm and positive vibe from where the gods will grace your home.

Pooja room designs are designed as per the preferences of people as they want it to be very detailed.

With various types of materials that are incorporated to get the best pooja unit, our pooja room designers in bangalore can help you to get the best pooja units for your home space by sharing their knowledge.


Traditional Pooja Room Designs


Traditional pooja units are the ones that are made of wood. It is preferred by many people due to the natural touch it gives and also the fact you can customize it into a beautiful unit. Our pooja room designers in bangalore design tranquil traditional pooja units with elegantly cutted pooja unit doors that serve as a perfect place to do respects and pooja to your beloved God.

Modern Pooja Room Designs


Modern pooja unit exhibits a calm and luxurious feel like a shrine as they are made up of marble and stones. You can have a variety of designs from the portfolio of our interior designers in bangalore. Marvelous designs combined with customized units and glass doors will make your home temple beautiful.

Compact Pooja Room Designs


The compact term means simple and effective. Small and perfect pooja room unit designs are preferred in many homes with limited space. Our pooja room interiors in bangalore creates specialized and customized floating and compact pooja unit designs for your home that maximizes the grace of god.


Pooja rooms are considered the holiest place in the home. People decorate it and look after it by following specific values and beliefs. It's a special place that has the privilege of holding the prayers, hopes, and good wishes of people at home.

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FAQs About Pooja Room Designs

  What is a pooja room and its importance at home?
Pooja room is a dedicated space in your home for praying and worshiping the beloved gods, in other words, its home shrine. Its where you do all the special offerings and pay respects in multiple ways. They bring a positive and holy vibes to your home
  How to set up and design a pooja room?
There are a lot of things involved in designing a pooja room, from allocating the perfect space based on vastu, then designing it with a specific style, selecting materials, and decorating it with other elements. Our pooja room interior designers in bangalore design you a perfect pooja room for your home space
  What is the actual size of the pooja room?
There is not any specific size for a pooja room. It can be of all sizes that depends on the space available. You can design a small wall-mounted pooja unit in a small space or also can design a big spacious home temple based on your needs.
  How long will it take to design and install a pooja room?
Our pooja room designers in bangalore take all your inputs and start designing which involves multiple meetings. So the time of design varies for each client. From the date of approval, it will take less than 60 days to install your pooja room.
  What is the cost of pooja room designs for your home?
The cost of pooja room designs in bangalore varies depending on many factors such as space, scale of project, materials, and more. At decorpot end to end home interiors starts from 3.5 lakhs
  How can I Decorate my pooja room?
There are a lot of ways to decorate your pooja room such as decorating it with flower garlands, lights, paper crafts, using pooja materials, and more.
  What are the things to consider while selecting a pooja room?
According to interior designers in bangalore, Before selecting a pooja room you have to consider, placement, size, direction, ventilation, budget, and materials for having the best pooja room for your home.


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