Best Living Room interior designers in Bangalore
Top Living Room Interior designers in Bangalore

Swing Door

We are always inclined to everything that looks beautiful and attractive. On top of that, if a beautiful looking thing also has considerable utilitarian value then it earns our undivided attention too.

Wardrobes, like your other pieces of furniture, are important for your home as they create space within spaces. Unlike sofas and beds, wardrobes need to be more functional yet ensure entire capacity utilization of a given space while looking aesthetically appealing as per your preferences. Swing or hinged door wardrobes have doors that are hinged on one side and can be opened from the other side with the help of handles. Swing door wardrobes are considered as the classic wardrobes, needing slightly larger space for the door movement, as same usually opens towards the person facing them.

Benefits of Swing Door Wardrobes:
  1. Swing door wardrobes give wider and better visibility as they allow the light fall in easily, unlike sliding door wherein once side of the wardrobe is always darker.
  2. Hinged door wardrobes are more spacious inside as unlike a sliding door wardrobe, they don’t need installation of a track system for door’s sideways movement.
  3. These doors are easy to maintain and repair as only the hinge needs to be repaired, if the doors get jammed

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Best Living Room Interior designers in Bangalore

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Swing Door Interior Designers in Bangalore

When you are selecting a swing door wardrobe, the material selection, door patterns, colour combinations, wardrobe positioning and the entire design aspect comes into play. Swing doors are great options for larger residential properties. Swing doors are great assets from the convenience and aesthetic point of view in large residential properties. Decorpot has helped customers over the last decade in designing swing door wardrobes that suit their taste, budget and more so, fits smoothly in the scheme of entire home decor.

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