Best Living Room interior designers in Bangalore
Top Living Room Interior designers in Bangalore

sliding door for wardrobe

Your wardrobe and the content within it are a reflection of your lifestyle. When you consider getting a new wardrobe or changing the existing one, the design becomes the most important factor, as wardrobe’s main usage is space management. Sliding door wardrobe not only looks trendy, but also offers more utility as the doors can slide seemingly and on top of that save space as doors don’t need to open outwards.

The design of your wardrobe speaks volume about your personal taste and style statement. For instance, the design and the selection of the colour of your wardrobe laminates should match or contrast with the surrounding décor in order to give a seemingly rhythmic flow to interiors.

Also, choosing sliding wardrobe over a classic swing door one depends on your décor setup as sliding door wardrobes go well with a modern interior setup especially when you seek limited but organized spaces. With the onset of economical smart homes having less space, sliding door wardrobes have taken the world by storm as they offer huge possibilities of customization along-with less space consumption. Another plus point of sliding door wardrobe is that they can be used in any space irrespective of the décor aspect, just change the laminates and be done with it.

Benefits of sliding doors:
  1. Sliding door wardrobes require less space and provide more visibility to the stuff kept inside them since the door does not interfere with light, unlike swing doors.
  2. Due to sliding action, it gives easier access to the wardrobe, unlike the hinged door wardrobe that itself requires some space for door opening They require comparatively less maintenance than the swing door wardrobe.
  3. They offer more options for personalised designs, customisations and better accents.
  4. Mirrored sliding door wardrobes make the room look more spacious, by providing better reflection of light.

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Sliding Door Interior Designers in Bangalore

With more than a decade’s experience, Decorpot’s expertise in home interiors can help you get the sharp and trendy finish that your wardrobe, as well the home deserves. Our team is skilled in ensuring the best space utilization while keeping in mind the home aesthetics. Process to getting a great wardrobe starts with our experienced interior designers sitting with you and trying to understand the requirements that you want your wardrobe to fulfill and the space that is available for same. Once this step is over, our in-house experts can deliver an elegant sliding door wardrobe, which you can fill with the clothes and accessories that you wish for.

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