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Decorpot intensely focuses on delivering all-round interior design services in bangalore that are a perfect blend of art and quality. Having an in-house production unit with Hi-end machines of advanced technology, help us to provide the best home interior design for our clients. Decorpot Interior Designers in Bangalore are highly skilled and creative, who carry the dreams of our clients and infuse them into designs and shape their dream homes into reality.

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Our Interior Design Services in Bangalore

Room Interior designers in HSR Layout

Rooms Interiors

Bedrooms are heaven in the living world. Everyone wants their bedroom interiors to be as comfortable as it gets. Our interior designers in bangalore create designs for your Master bedroom interiors, kids bedroom interiors, guest bedroom interiors that caress your soul.

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Kitchen Interior designers in HSR Layout

Kitchen Interiors

The kitchen is the place that runs a “Home”. Our interior designers in bangalore are specialized in creating functional and trendy modular kitchen interiors that make your life easier and sweeter.

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Living room Interior designers in HSR Layout

Living Interiors

There is a reason people call it a ‘living’ room. It is the liveliest place in your home. Our interior designers in bangalore design your living room interiors with an ounce of comfort, class, positivity, and more style.

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Our Interior Design Projects in Bangalore

Our team of best interior designers in Bangalore, along with our other design experts have totally crafted and delivered over 4250+ happy homes in the city of Bengaluru. We envision the requirement and dreams of our clients and work towards creating the home they wanted it to be. We present you some of the happy homes delivered in bangalore we have done to your reference.


Small Living Room Interior Design Ideas for your Home - Decorpot

Check more ideas about small living room interior design for your home that will help you make the most of your limited living room space to make your good time even better.

TV Units Design Ideas

Explore the best TV unit design ideas for Hall 2023. TV cabinet designs for living room and other rooms from Decorpot Home Interiors.

15 Kids Bedroom Interior Design Ideas in Chennai

Kids are our happiness. Let's make the kids stay happy forever with these best kids bedroom interior design ideas from our best interior designers in chennai. 

11 Effective Tips For Creating Beautiful Interiors at Home

Let's see the 11 Effective Tips For Creating Beautiful Interiors at Home from our best interior designers in bangalore to make your home a sweet home. 

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We have collaborated with the leading industries and brands to deliver the best interior design for home in bangalore to our clients. Our partners help us to deliver top-quality materials and increase our standards.

Decorpot Interior Design Reviews

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Best Interior Designers in Bangalore

Luxury isn't just a word, it's a feel. It's an art of lifestyle, that comprises comfort, aesthetics, patterns, and more. A constructed House will be complete and converted into a beautiful home only after the interior spaces are designed. Our home interior designers in Bangalore take everything into account and create the perfect design with all the requirements, spaces, and structure in mind that suits the home of clients. Designing your interior space involves a lot of factors and pre-planning, which we look after with utmost care and present clients with a perfect design.

Your interior reflects you. This is what we firmly believe. Because each person’s home space, requirements, lifestyle, and taste differs. So every single design should be a unique and personalized one. Our Home Interior Designers in Bangalore, communicate and work closely with clients and understand them and their needs and map a clear-cut vision and design with their creative traits. It helps them to bring out a more connected and loveable design that is exactly what the clients want.

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FAQs about Home Interior Designers in Bangalore
From Our Valuable Customers

  What is home interior design?
Home interior design is a process of converting empty home spaces into beautiful and functional spaces. It involves structuring, designing, furnishing, and implementing the design with various types of materials, color schemes, art, and more to make an effective and accessible space.
  How to choose the home interior designer in bangalore?
There are lot of factors involved in choosing the best interior designers for your home space. You have to finalize your budget, shortlist the firms, look for their credibility and previous projects, visiting and discuss with the design experts.
  What is the difference between an interior designing and an interior decoration?
Interior Designing is creating the functional space within a building, furnishing it, and decorating it as well but, interior decorating is furnishing and decorating a space to achieve certain aesthetics. To be precise, interior designers can be interior decorators but interior decorators cannot be interior designers.
  What is a Residential Interior Designer?
The interior designer who designs and decorates residential spaces like apartments, villas, and bungalows is a residential interior designer. Interior designers of residence can create your happy haven following your lifestyle and needs.
  What is end-to-end Interior Designing?
End-to-end interior design refers to the full suite of interior design services tailored to meet the specific client needs. It involves planning, designing, material selection, procurement, project execution, quality control, and the handover as per the discussed norms. With our turnkey interior design service designers will take all the responsibilities for your dream home, clients just sit back and relax to see the brand new makeover for their space.
  What services can I expect from an end-to-end interior designing company?
An end-to-end interior designing company integrates all the home interiors related requirements in one place. The following are services they specialize in:
  • Interior design conceptualization
  • Interior design & decoration
  • Interior space planning & furniture layouts
  • Furniture design & selection
  • Custom modular design & manufacturing
  • New construction & remodel: Interior finish, fixture & material selections and specifications
  • Custom manufacturing designs
  • Lighting plans & interior elevation drawings
  • Fine art curating & accessories selection and styling
  • Procurement, Production & complete installation
  What to look out for before settling on an interior designer?
Here’s an overview of the tips:
  • Check their interior design services on their website or have a call with them
  • Ask to see their portfolio of interior designs
  • Google the internet designer
  • Ask for a quote on your interior design project
  • Onboard
Get the detailed tips here>>> Lookout at these before settling with an interior designer
  What is meant by a customized home interior solution?
The home interior which is designed and modified as per the need and demands of the client is a customized home interior. It involves a clear understanding of your design vision and your family’s aspiration of home interiors. In Decorpot we provide customized home interiors so that you can have everything in your home as per your choice.
  How can I receive a customized interior design for my villa in Bangalore?
You can just contact Decorpot and book a free consultation. Our designers will discuss with you your choices of color and design and customize everything as per your choice and need. After discussing the parameters of your interior design project, we’ll put together a quote that outlines the details of the materials and elements including the price. It is a great way for both of us to ensure that the expectations are in line.
   What is the time involved in getting my home interiors done?
Not every project takes the same amount of time, it varies depending on the scope of work in the project. The project timeline depends on many factors including the size of the home, the client's desires, budget, and more. But, the average time taken to complete a project by Decorpot is 45-60 days after contract signing. Our business model is direct manufacturer to consumer so as soon as the client finalizes the design the manufacturing and installation process starts and your happy home will be delivered on time.
  Why should I choose a professional interior design company for my home interiors in Bangalore?
There are multiple benefits you can draw from a professional end-to-end interior designing company other than receiving a great interior solution for the entire home, of course!
  • It saves you from investing a lot of time
  • You receive multiple materials and design options at one point
  • Quality is always assured. Since the companies tie-up with world-class partners.
  • Warranty period
For a clear understanding, you can reach out to our blog - HOW A PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED INTERIOR CAN EASE YOUR PAIN?
  Does Decorpot manufacture themselves?
Yes, At Decorpot, we do have a modular manufacturing unit in Bangalore and we have very skilled designers and craftsmen to forward the manufacturing process. Automated manufacturing backed up with 100% tracking of materials aids us in providing top notch interior service. Decorpot is also an authorized partner with top manufacturing brands. We directly provide manufacturers to consumers to maintain the quality and make it budget-friendly for our clients.
  What process will I have to go through for the Home Interiors solution in Bangalore?
Three main stages of home interiors solution involves:
  • Free Quotation - wherein our team will provide you an approx quotation as per your floor plan and scope of work required
  • Design Finalization - our Expert Designers will create a 2D and 3D image to give you a real feel of how your interior will appear
  • Execution - wherein precisely manufactured modules are installed in your space under the supervision of site managers
  What if I already have a few furniture in my home (e.g. sofa or bed). Do I have to order a new one as per the design requirement?
Not necessarily. We always advise our clients to share the images of their existing furniture so that the designers can accordingly plan a design that can easily blend them in.
  Do you do both traditional and contemporary designs?
Being a leading interior design company in Bangalore, from traditional to modern and contemporary we make all kinds of designs. We are interior designers who curate and customize everything according to your needs and choices. We strongly believe every home is as unique as you. In a short period of time we delivered 2500+ happy homes with more than 15000 designs.
  Will my home look exactly the same as shown in designs?
Yes. The designs are a way of illustrating the final outcomes of your home. Our craftsmen are skilled at making every model as perfect as it is designed. And moreover the entire team of design and execution coordinate their efforts to deliver you exact home interiors as finalized in designs.
  Can I visit an old project of yours?
Yes, there is a provision of visiting our projects. Although, we do provide the 3D design images and real images of completed projects so you can easily have a look at our work from the comfort of your own home.
  How will I know my site is on which phase of execution/installation?
For this purpose, Decorpot has created a tracking mobile application that keeps you updated on the work progress of your site. Our site managers can even schedule your visit on a weekend, as per your convenience.
  What is the cost involved with home interiors in Bangalore?
The cost of home interiors in Bangalore entirely depends on the design needs, customizations, and the material requirements of the home. You can be assured of competitive pricing of Decorpot and that is reflected in our quote.
  Is our interior designing quote all-inclusive?
Yes, our interior designing quote is inclusive of designing, manufacturing, and installing costs. And receiving an estimation quote is absolutely free! Also, all the costs of the final quote are mentioned with prior information & discussion with the customer to prevent any ambiguity.
  How much interior designers in bangalore cost?
The cost of interior designers in bangalore cost depends upon the needs, requirements and space of your home. For a standard end to end home interiors, it will cost around 6-7 lakhs. Decorpot provides home interiors at affordable and fair prices and it starts from 3 lakhs.
  Can a design quote be customized as per my budget?
Yes, providing customized solutions, we can work within your budget and maximize the impact of our design as per your interiors. The only key point is that your budget should fit the minimum design requirement and order value.
  Does Decorpot Provide EMI options?
Yes, being a customer-centric company, we do provide an option of EMI for the payment conveniences of our customers. The on-going scheme will be explained to you by our team during the time of booking.
  Do you provide a warranty for your interiors?
Yes, Decorpot takes care of the interior design elements of your home for 10 years from the day of handing over the keys to you.