Minimalistic and Refreshing Interiors Reflected Well in This Space

2BHK, Radiance Iris, Sampigehalli

Home: Minimalistic and Refreshing Interiors

Owner: Mr. Sajith and Mrs. Shwetha

Family's Requirement: Mr. Sajith and family wanted to give a vibrant look to their home with lots of storage solutions, with an added touch of tradition in the interiors and our best interior designers in bangalore delivered it as they wanted.

The living room has been designed in a way that makes the entire space stylish and gives it an elegant look. The TV unit doubles the living room’s function as a social entertainment room, while the innovative Puja design gives a fresh breath to the air. The multiple storage units make efficient use of space.

Decorpot installed beautiful hanging lighting on the center of the dining table to make the space look glamorous and soothing. The kitchen with lacquered glass finish gives the space a classy look. The cove lights in the false ceiling and the surface lights make the space aesthetically appealing and illuminating. They do the job of hiding fixtures and provide balanced, warm light in the entire interior. For cozy relaxation and family time, our top interior designers in Hyderabad have given a dark shade to create a warm ambiance for the beautiful family to have their time.

2BHK, Radiance Iris, Sampigehalli - Bangalore

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