Contemporary Accents & Styles Define This Luxe Home

3BHK, Emmanuel Heights, Choodasandra

Home: A 3BHK at Contemporary Accents & Styles Define This Luxe Home

Owner: Mr. Abinash & Mrs. Saumya

Family’s requirement: 

Family’s requirement:  Mr. Abhinash Mishra and his family’s prime focus was on ample space management which was duly taken care of by our home interior designers in bangalore at Decorpot.

The living room has all the major elements that give it a sleek and classy look. The dining room designed by our leading interior designers in chennai has a grand cutlery unit with inbuilt spotlights that enhances the space and the complimentary decor. The additional provision of platform lights in the kitchen makes it more conducive for cooking as it will maximize the visibility of the working areas. The guest and the master bedroom with beige, brown, and white as their base colors create a sense of calm that makes it an excellent choice for bedroom walls. The brown and beige color hues of the earth are deeply relaxing and keep the space neutral while adding a cozy little warmth to it, just how a bedroom should be! From the study units holding toys to the false ceiling and the huge spacious wardrobes that have been designed by Decorpot so that the kids never run out of space for their adorable stuff! The study room entirely speaks for itself.

3BHK, Emmanuel Heights, Choodasandra - Bangalore

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