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4BHK, SNN Raj Etternia

Contemporary and aesthetic home area 

Creating a contemporary look with urban appeal is challenging but gorgeous. The owners of this 3BHK at SNN Raj Etternia, Bangalore Mr. Jyothi Swaroop and Mrs. Vidya Pai family wanted their home to look spacious and stylish without being loud and our interior designers in bangalore delivered it with perfection.

A fusion of beauty and sense

We designed a multifunctional unit for the entrance and a mirror to replace anonymity. The living area has both formal and casual areas with a luxurious layout and used stone laminates to provide the impression of stone cladding while keeping a very modern showcase area.

For the dining space, we installed urban lighting and selected a bright and white color theme. For the worship space, we donned KV style to draw attention.

The master bedroom is decorated in a flamboyant Thai style with a flower motif and gives an energetic experience, as requested by the client.

The study space in the children's bedroom comes with Captain America motif, and the teen's room is kept sleek and subtle with a distinct study table that has a walk-in closet.

our home interior designers in hyderabad built space and compartments for the guest bedroom to keep the trolleys and suitcases.

4BHK, SNN Raj Etternia - Bangalore

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