Blend of Bright, Elegant & Contemporary This Spectacular Home in Bangalore Defines True Luxury Opulence

4BHK, Prestige Lakeside Habitat

Home: A 4BHK at Prestige Lakeside Habitat,

Owner: Rabindra Mukherjee`s

Family's Requirement: Mr. Rabindra Mukherjee needed a well-finished, luxurious interior with a variety of interior schemes and decor, so our luxury interior designers in bangalore settled on a design scheme, which combined the best of everything.

The Lord Buddha statue facing the entrance door is considered auspicious, with its protruding belly as a symbol of happiness, luck, and prosperity. It enhances the overall decor of the interiors. The wooden flooring throughout the space makes an exquisite first impression and adds a sense of elegance and warmth to the home. our affordable interior designers in chennai designed the beautiful matte-finish kitchen and the master bedroom with blue as a base color which is great for minimalistic kinds and is one of the most soothing colors on the spectrum, which is perfect for master bedrooms. 

4BHK, Prestige Lakeside Habitat - Bangalore

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