Blend of Bright, Elegant & Contemporary This Spectacular Home in Bangalore Defines True Luxury Opulence

4BHK, Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Bangalore

Home: A 4BHK at Prestige Lakeside Habitat,

Owner: Rabindra Mukherjee`s

Family's Requirement:Mr. Rabindra Mukherjee needed a well-finished, luxurious interior with a variety of interior schemes and decor, so our interior designers in chennai settled on a design scheme, which combined the best of everything.

Mr. Mukherjee and his family recently shifted to Bangalore and got their house done by Decorpot. Mrs. Mukherjee thanks Decorpot for making their house feel like 'home' and at peace.

The Lord Buddha statue facing the entrance door is considered auspicious, with its protruding belly as a symbol of happiness, luck and prosperity. It enhances the overall decor of the interiors. The wooden flooring throughout the space makes an exquisite first impression and adds a sense of elegance and warmth to home. Mrs. Mukherjee especially loves the beautiful matte-finish kitchen and likes to spend most of the time there. Mr. Mukherjee loves the master bedroom with blue as a base color which is great for minimalistic kinds and is one of the most soothing colors on the spectrum, perfect 

for master bedrooms. Mr. Mukherjee loves to sit on his massage chair and take the magnificent view of the lake from his balcony! He thanks Decorpot for the wonderful execution of his plans.

4BHK, Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Bangalore - Bangalore

Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Bangalore.