Types of Wall Cladding and Advantages

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Types of Wall Cladding and Advantages

Using decorative Wall Cladding is one of the best ways to improve the aesthetics and lifespan of walls while keeping maintenance costs to the lowest.  Wall Cladding promises unmatched appeal and lifespan. However, Home Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest the installation of wall cladding calls for some preparations and precautions. Hence, to make things convenient for you, our Expert Interior Designers in Bangalore have come up with “A Guide to Wall Cladding”, enlightening you about its types, advantages, and some useful key points to keep in mind when installing it.

Types of Wall Cladding

Let us now look at some of the distinct styles of wall cladding which will make it easy for you to figure out which style of cladding works well for your space.

Stone Cladding: Ideal for Protection

Stone Cladding

Stone Cladding is one of the major parts of Interiors in Bangalore. Among all other types, stone cladding is termed the most natural and fresh-looking one. Mainly used in living rooms, indoor gardens, and bathroom walls, this kind of cladding unit is highly durable. However, it is a little expensive to install.

Laminate Cladding: A Cheaper Alternative

Laminate Cladding

Laminate Cladding units are subjected to less maintenance or replacement over the years and are relatively cheaper than other cladding options. It is generally used in wet areas like bathrooms. Laminate cladding is strong, and doesn’t chip or fade over time.

Stucco: A Versatile Cladding

Stucco Cladding

The materials commonly used in Stucco Cladding are sand, gravel, recycled concrete, and crushed stone. Stucco Cladding is known for being versatile, rot-resistant, fire-resistant, and highly durable. It adds a great curb appeal to your home interior. 

Wooden Cladding: A Desirable Mix of Comfort and Sustainability

Wooden Cladding

Wood is inevitably the most environmentally friendly on the list, as it is both recyclable and 100% biodegradable. It is water-resistant, incredibly great insolent, and easy to install. The best interior designers in Hyderabad says, the natural wooden look offers an unmatched aesthetic quality that conveys familiarity, security, and comfort. Its only downside is its fire resistance since wood is something that burns quickly once it comes in touch with fire. 

Vinyl Cladding:  Aesthetically Pleasing and Eco-friendly

It is made from PVC combined with other substances. Vinyl Cladding comes in various profiles in both horizontal and vertical weatherboards, suitable for various applications. 

It is environment-friendly, durable, and looks beautiful up close and far away. 

The Benefits of Wall Cladding

Benefits of Wall Cladding

In order to choose the best wall cladding for your space, you need to look at some of the benefits. Some of them include:

They Provide Protection

Protection is one of the major advantages of wall cladding. Cladding increases the mechanical sturdiness of your wall and adds a layer of protection to your property. An added advantage is the walls don't easily crack, especially if subjected to temperature, climate change, or pollution. Cladded surfaces usually protect the building against strong winds or rain, if it’s external cladding. 

A Low Maintenance Option

Wall cladding requires very little repair and cleaning regardless of the cladding material you use or the type. Thus, it is low maintenance and economical. 

For Aesthetic Purposes 

Wall cladding adds amazing aesthetic value to your structure. It changes the overall look of your place. There is a lot of exquisite and eye-catchy range of colors and finishes available in the market that will suit your choices and needs, which may vary from polished to rough cladding styles and so on. 

Easy Installation

Wall cladding is the best alternative to having tile put in, which involves a lot of hassle. The installation is really quick, easy with no grouting involved. It is more convenient to keep up and maintain than tiling.

Having looked at both its types and benefits, you will definitely be able to make an informed choice about the wall cladding for your home. Need assistance?  Contact us. Our Expert Interior Designers at Decorpot make sure that form, function, and design blend perfectly to meet all your needs.