Beautiful Partition Designs for Living Room and Dining Hall

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Beautiful Partition Designs for Living Room and Dining Hall

These days, modern homes are ruled by an open plan and integrated social spaces. Therefore, breaking the monotony of free-flowing space with partitions may be a welcome addition to the house decor. In modern interior decoration, room dividers are not generally used to give protection. In some cases, they exist to divide the area and differentiate the space neatly and innovatively.

When it comes to creating a partition between the hall and dining room, it has to be beautiful since it is where the family gathers and friends are entertained.

There are numerous questions to consider while planning for partitions. It is often a major worry for individuals uncertain of how to make that well- balanced space. Don’t worry, our interior designers in chennai have got your back. Read our constructive guide below to make sure you’re going to get partition design for our house. If you are looking out for the best partition ideas, you will find the following designs relevant from Décorpot Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore.  

A Divider with a Purpose

A wooden crockery unit that segments the living and the lounge area is functional as well. While one side with cabinets and shelves serves as a crockery unit, the other side facing the living room becomes the TV unit or a place to display décor accessories.

The Metallic Shine of a Golden Separator

Living room partition designs in Indian homes can lend an understated elegance while fully serving their purpose. Here, in spite of the fact that it doesn't give a lot of protection. The beautifully crafted partition in gold divides and decorates the space aesthetically. The foyer partition looks great when the room is well-lit. 

Hang Some Planters to Go Natural

Planet Partitioning

Hanging gardens make for stunning partition designs between living and dining because they bring a fly of lavish into space and naturally clear the air.

Contemporary Partition:

Contemporary partition design

It is designed to separate comparatively large living rooms from the dining area. Although the model is suitable for large interiors, our Decorpot interior designers can customize it to smaller dimensions as per requirement. 

Room Divider Screen Geometry

Geometric Wall is unique decoration for every modern interior. It can be use to create a privacy corner or to divide two different living areas in the same room. And also it’s easy to move around and even to store, by just folding it, if you need to use all your space at one time.

Use a Stylish Curtain as a Room Divide

Curtain As Room Divider

The best interior designers in Hyderabad suggest curtain house dividers are maybe the simplest ones as a result of you'll realize correct material and remove it where you wish any time, and you can simply modification the curtain once you want. They’re ideal for little homes because they take virtually no space at all.

Living room dividers in metal and glass can be created by our local artisan with ease, and often they are far less expensive than dividers in furniture shops. Decorpot`s best team of interior designers from Bangalore helps you out to convert your home into a beautiful and elegant. Email us at for interiors in Bangalore.