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The house we live in not only provides us shelter and warmth but also acts as a form of inspiration. The environment is one of the key factors to determine how we feel and what better way to make us feel good than a beautiful house?

When most of us think of decorating our houses we think of fancy furniture, painting, or renovation but we forget an important part – which can light up the house and make it beautiful beyond imagination. If you haven’t guessed it already, yes it’s the ceiling. Ceiling designs can give your house a unique charm that no amount of art or furniture can do.

Ceilings are not meant to be white and flat. Ceiling designs can give your house a unique charm that no amount of art or furniture can do. The Interior Designers in chennai can help you achieve your desired look without remodeling the entire house. 

False ceilings are popular nowadays and due to their immense popularity, it has become easier for people to embellish the beauty of any space – be it the living room, bedroom, or even office.

Now let us look at the advantages of False Ceilings-

  • Easy installation.
  • It gives smooth surfaces and covers undulations in the slab concrete etc., 
  • It is economical and flexible in design.
  • It hides the ductwork, pipes, and electrical wires giving the ceiling a clean and finished look.
  • It is good for sound absorption and acoustic.
  • In case of repair, it is easy to rearrange the panels or repair the gypsum board.

For trendy homes and interiors, here are some Brilliant & Modern False Ceiling Designs for Living Room and Bedroom.

Standard Rectangular False Ceiling

Rectangular False Ceiling

This is economical and can be installed easily. It is either rectangular or square depending on the size of the living room. Strip LED lights or Cove lights are installed to highlight and enhance the room. 

Curve False Ceiling

It is one of the expensive false ceiling designs as it needs a lot of care while creating the curve and maintaining the size uniformity.

Rafters False Ceiling

Rafters False Ceiling

It is created using POP or Gypsum painted to give the panel a wooden effect. It gives a stylish appearance to the house making it look classy.

Gorgeous Layered Tray

This is an elegant architectural design that is charming, and sophisticated. Tray ceilings look like inverted trays, with lower outer edges. This particular false ceiling though brings visual interest to the bedroom through its layered structure. It is also a perfect platform for hanging an eye-catching chandelier.

Extended Panel 

In this design the false ceiling gets extended to other areas of the room, the backside of the bed. This gives a grand look to the room.

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered False Ceiling

The professional interior designers in Hyderabad explains about this design makes the room look warm and cozy. Coffered ceilings are essentially crisscross beams that form a grid-like pattern that are made of Gypsum, POP (Plaster of Paris), or wood. In this design the beams add weight to the ceiling and take your attention upwards. This is a fantastic false ceiling design for your master bedroom.

Grand Circular False Ceiling

In this design, a circular shape is cut out from the false ceiling making it an ideal place to fix your fan or chandelier. While this is a minimal look, you can also opt for multiple circles cut out from the ceiling and install a recessed light in each of the circles to enhance the beauty of the room.

Floating Island Ceiling

Floating Island Ceiling

This design helps in highlighting a specific area (bed). It’s floating because it’s suspended from the ceiling with and gives an exotic look.

Decorpot is a benchmark company for interior design in Bangalore. These amazing ceiling patterns will help you to modify the interior space of your house giving it a new, fresh and vibrant look.

Reach us today to install a false ceiling with latest designs. Contact us now!