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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - MODERN FALSE CEILING IDEAS FOR YOUR HOME

Modern homes nowadays are equipped with a stunning false ceiling on top of their living rooms and bedrooms which makes the home interiors look much better and striking. They elevate the style quotient two levels above to your home. So most people prefer to have a false ceiling according to interior designers in Chennai. They list out some modern false ceiling ideas for your home that will help you.

POP false ceiling

Plaster - Of- Paris or POP false ceilings are made out of POP materials which are widely preferred in modern homes. They are best suited for all types of designs and also more durable. They cost less than other materials yet they bring the same impact in bringing stunning visualizing. Most interior designers in Hyderabad prefer POP false ceilings because they are cost effective.

Wooden ceiling

Wooden works are always an easy way to go when it comes to furnishing. Wooden ceilings come under the same. As per interior designers in Chennai, Wooden ceilings lift the outlook of your home and bring a more natural and aesthetic vibe into your home. They also have an easy build factor compared to other materials and are also more accessible.

Multi layered false ceiling

Adding more layers to anything will make them better and lively. Multi-layer ceiling will make the whole design look deep and more grandeur. They can help you accommodate more lights and bring in more innovative ideas that bring a unique factor to your home. According to interior decorators in Bangalore, multi layered ceilings are becoming more common and also they bring new trends in interior designing.

Round lamps ceiling

The minimalistic and budget way of creating an attractive ceiling is to have small round lights on them. They not only will be attractive but also act as a lighting source. Many people nowadays prefer such lamps since they free up space and when lighting is from the ceiling it reaches wide areas in the room. This also saves you a very good portion of expense. Having multicolor lamps will be an added advantage according to interior designers in Hyderabad as they bring more color to your home.

Coffer ceiling

Coffer ceilings are a work of art which adds more class to your home. Coffers are square panels that are fixed on the ceiling which brings more dimension to the ceiling space. So it lets you add your creativity there in terms of adding lights and also decorating them with different colors. The grid-like patterns are very eye-catching and give a stylish look to one’s home, says top interior decorators in Chennai.

Modern false ceiling design for bedroom:

For a stylish and refined look, the modern bedroom false ceiling design 2022 is ideal. The cutouts in this false ceiling design for bedroom and living room come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The bedroom ceiling may be lit or ventilated with the help of these cutouts which can be designed in any way you choose.


False ceilings play a major role in styling up your home interiors. These are some design ideas that will suit and bring more life into your home. There are still lots of stunning and customized design ideas to explore with our top interior designers in Bangalore at decorpot.



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