A Tale of tranquil simplicity

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - A Tale of tranquil simplicity

Home! An aspiration for some and a dream for many. Everyone has a dream home and wants it to stand out from others. What if, this comes true? This is the tale of our clients Mrs & Mr Patel from Prestige tranquility.


This home has a modern outlook and boasts of grandeur from the first look itself. The stone cladded foyer adds drama to the entrance that has a storage unit made of high gloss laminates. 


Keeping in mind that the open airy space of living room needs to be preserved , we had worked with a light colour tone for the entire home, adding much needed natural light to the home. The crystal chandelier is a standing example of using the artificial light in tandem with the natural light, to create a very well lit space all-together.



The  TV Unit  is made of high gloss laminate, along with charcoal sheet adorned by the disconnected ledges beside them for displaying many of the memorabilia. Gypsum used in false ceiling along with wooden rafters pattern helps in keeping the style quotient alive in this simplistically designed home.


We have also provided for a pebble tray near the dining table.The standing pooja unit is made of a jali unit, using glossy laminates on MDF.



The master bedroom has a light colour tone with patterned wallpaper, to complement the entire look. The cot, that is produced in-house is made  of laminates. The aristo wardrobes with lacquered glass have been provided with floral patterned wallpaper, running in the centre.




The usage of light toned colour scheme has elevated the available space of guest bedroom, making it look bigger. There are sliding doors provided for the wardrobe to save space. The wardrobes are made of fabrics textured laminates and provided with sliding doors to save space while adding much needed style quotient to the entire room.



The ‘L’ shaped kitchen has a combination of yellow, black and grey coloured materials used across. The bottom unit of the kitchen has yellow acrylic and has been made handless, making the kitchen space look cleaner and easy to maintain as well. While the top units have grey acrylic, the tall unit in the kitchen is made of yellow acrylics topped with grey floral patterns, which makes it pleasing to the eyes.




“Thank you Decorpot for making our home the same way as we imagined.” says the Patel family.


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