Inspiring Designs: Console Tables for Your Home

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Inspiring Designs: Console Tables for Your Home

Console tables have been a part of home décor for centuries. What once belonged only to mansions can now be seen in all kinds of houses. A two-legged table, a four-legged one, with mirror, without a mirror, with or without drawers, and whatnot! Console tables offer the widest range to choose from. 

But how do you pick the right console table for your home? Interior Designers in Bangalore say that factors such as the layout of the house, free space, color scheme, utility requirement, and the overall theme of the décor should be considered when choosing a console table for your home. 

Let’s look at some inspiring designs in console tables that can bring a new spark to the room. 

Classy White with Mirror

Classy White with Mirror Console Table

If you are a fan of antique-style console tables, this one will be perfect for you. Professional interior designers in Hyderabad at Decorpot highlight that this beautiful piece of art doesn’t have to be limited to your bedroom. The plush stool matches the carved console table, and together they sit as a whole unit in any room or even a passageway. Place a vase with fresh flowers or a small photo frame to enhance its beauty. The drawers can hold whatever you want to store. 

Storage and Elegance

Storage and Elegance Console Table

Interiors in Bangalore can get a little short on space, especially if you like in an apartment. In such instances, your focus would be more on storage space when you search for a console table. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Any light color four-legged console table with drawers and small built-in cupboards will be a perfect choice. All the unwanted stuff hides inside, while the tabletop can be decorated with candles, flower vases, lamps, or books. 

Carved Stand and Stone Top 

Modern houses with minimal furniture tend to emphasize textures to achieve the desired effectHome Interior Designers in Bangalore recommend a simple console table with two bare legs. The tabletop can be a solid slab of stone to match the texture on the walls or the flooring. If the stone is not your preferred choice, you can replace it with wood. 

Love for Rustic

Rustic Console Table

Nothing says rustic like a console table with an open shelf at the bottom. Interior Designers in Bangalore talk about how a table with a weathered down appearance enhances the rustic vibe. You can place a wicker basket on the open shelf at the bottom to complete the look. Drop a colorful cushion into the wicker basket. Place an old-style metal flower vase and a bunch of wildflowers to suit the setup. 

Glam up with Gold 

If golden color grabs your attention, indulge in a sleek and glamorous console table with a thin golden frame for a stand and a white marble top to contrast the gold. Two rounded stools can be paired with the table to up the sophistication of the room. 


Console tables are in no way limited only to the above designs. Contact us at Decorpot, and our interior designers will help you in picking the exact console table to elevate the beauty of your home.