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Keep It Classy This Christmas

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  • Dec 22, 2018
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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Keep It Classy This Christmas

The most awaited vacay of the year is here and we just can’t keep ourselves away from all the merriness. It’s that time when we all hustle up to make our homes look glammed up, to reflect that Christmas spirit. Let’s rework on those classic Christmas makeover ideas to get the look, in a much easier way:




1. Face the refurb

No matter how big or small your home is, a Christmas décor puts things in perspective. Instead of getting new furniture pieces like every Christmas, try racking up on those snugger pillows and flooring up some designer rugs, and just let the happiness galore.  Classically plaids are the design inspiration of this season, but try experimenting with plaid fabrics or textures with neutral prints and bring home those oodles of festivity.




2. Get Green-zoned

Let’s not forget to add the greens to the decor! Replace the artificial plants with potted greens, which can easily blend and add onto the Christmassy effect. Not only does it make the look for natural it makes the décor chic too. Garlands of pine leaves and evergreen wreaths of cedar can’t be replaced, but potted Christmas cactus or Christmas berries that brighten up the space aren’t a bad option as well. Don’t forget to add some eucalyptus oil around the décor items for that natural aura and aroma.




3. Wintery whites

Winter is here and with the big eve around the corner, it is good to imbibe this colour into your interior ideas for Christmas. White is a regal non-expensive colour which make your room look spacious and clean. It is one colour that goes with all others, irrespective of the combo. Think upon adding some plants too into this equation and your home will end up looking savvy.




4. A Streak of silver

Any Christmas isn’t complete without the right cutlery or tableware. Time to take out that red or white china out of the kitchen cabinets and use up those long-safeguarded silverware to bring in the Christmas warmth. Swap out those white candles for some red or green candles upon the candle stands and see them jazz up the family’s mood during the Christmas eve’s dinner.




5. Book up the Christmas tree

No tree? No Problem! What we are going to suggest next might sound crazy, but hear us out. A Big shout out to all book lovers and we think it is time to bring out the library that you have created with so much to create a Christmas tree of Books! Pile up some books in the shape of a Christmas tree, wrap around some fairy lights and hang candy canes amongst those twinkling lights to get that add on effect. This is not only economic but an easy and waste-free decor idea. Now all you need is to sit back, relax and enjoy the escapade called Christmas.




A cake walk right? Try them out, and we can vouch for it that these work the magic. Do let us know how your Christmas decor is coming up!

Till then, stay Christmassy!! 



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