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  • Dec 16, 2019
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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - GET YOUR HOME INTERIORS “CHRISTMAS 2019” READY

Christmas is almost here, but you don't need to start sweating out about your interior decoration yet. The best way to gear into the festive mood indeed is to decorate your home accordingly. After all, waking up in the morning to some beautiful colours and sweet little mistletoes in the onset of Christmas are the little things that excite you for the upcoming holidays. However, don't panic yet. You still have plenty of time to revamp your home and incorporate that Christmas vibe into your interiors. But, you need to know the right ways to do so.

As much as you look forward to the holidays, Christmas can get you going as well. From buying presents for your loved ones to planning how to spend Christmas Eve and the morning after, most people do not have time to come up with interior decoration ideas. When you are preparing for Christmas, why should your house be left out? Now, you don't have to brainstorm and come up with new ideas to make your home seem happy and lively. You can relax as we have got it covered for you! Here are some incredible and unique ways to jingle your home this Christmas. 

1. Pick a colour theme that reflects your style:

There is no given rule as to what colour theme you should follow with your interior designing. You can go with the obvious and most popular choices that include red, white, golden, silver and green or play between a combination of two or more of these colours.

Image oneSource

You can also go for the very basics and pick a colour theme involving the traditional black and white choices along with hints of brown to have a look that goes easy on the eyes and gives a cosy and comforting vibe to your interiors.

Image twoSource

If you like your home to reflect contemporary and minimalist vibe, then you can go for a single colour and incorporate all your elements in that colour. For instance, in the picture above, different shades of soft cream colour has been used to achieve clean and subtle designs which are always wonderful ways to bring out your true tastes. 

2. Pick a Christmas tree that perfectly complements your home:

When it comes to Christmas interior decoration, the first thing that most expert interior designers would tell you to do is to get your Christmas tree sorted. After all, the Christmas tree is the crowning essence of this delightful holiday and a must-have element in your home during the holiday season. You can either go for a real tree or an artificial version - the choice is yours.

Image threeSource

One of the secrets to achieving a great Christmas vibe is to decorate your Christmas tree according to your interiors in terms of colours. For instance, if the colour tone of your interiors is in white and grey, go with a silver embellishment, bows, balls, stars, etc. and miss not to put silver paper wrapped gifts underneath it.

A great way to achieve a more natural and rustic feel with your Christmas tree is to opt for an asymmetrical tree and decorate it with roses, butterflies and birds. 

3. Go Artistic with LED lightings:

One of the easiest ways to get the Festive vibes on and fill your Interiors ambience with it is by LED lightings, be it a fairy light or a strip light.

Go experimental, create interesting patterns, shapes, letters and wishes with them on your wall. Choose a color complementary to the color of your wall. 

Image fourSource

For instance using beige on that grey way really warms up the look of the space while, blue and red lighting completes the festive feel.

4. Light up the dining room:

The joyous exchange of love and gifts is going to be followed by a delicious Christmas meal. So, in the dining room, your dining table is going to be the main area of focus and attention. And there's no better way to decorate your dining table for the occasion than by using candles.

Image fiveSource

A wooden dining table would be a match made in heaven for candlelight dinners. But, if you are bent towards using a tablecloth, then we would suggest you go for a gold coloured one that would perfectly shine under the light from the candle. You can also opt for a white table cloth to act as the ideal base for a bit of greenery, fresh colours of the flowers and fruits and the candlelight itself. 

5. Prepare your bedroom to relax after your Christmas bling. 

If you want your bedroom to be a relaxing hideaway for this holiday, then you can achieve so by adding simple twinkling fairy lights on the walls. 

Image sixSource

Do not hold yourself back from adding a mini Christmas tree on the bedside table decorated with tiny lights and stars to bring in the feel and joy of Christmas. You can also incorporate greenery on the windowsill with tiny sparkling lights to help your bedroom feel extra festive. 

When it comes to Christmas decorations, it's all about you and your personal choices. Go with your instincts and style your home to reflect your personality. That's the best way of achieving a great interior decoration for this festive season. 



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