15 Beautiful and Modern Crockery Unit Designs for your Home

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 15 Beautiful and Modern Crockery Unit Designs for your Home

What is a Crockery Unit?

A crockery unit, a fundamental component of interior design and dining room functionality, is a meticulously crafted piece of furniture tailored to house and showcase an assortment of tableware and dining essentials. This versatile and aesthetically pleasing storage solution seamlessly combines form and function, making it an integral part of well-appointed living spaces. Characterized by its thoughtful design and often elegant appearance, a crockery unit is designed to safely store and display a wide array of items such as fine china, glassware, cutlery, serving platters, and other dining accessories. It serves as a dedicated repository for these valuable items, ensuring their protection from dust, damage, and wear and tear, while also facilitating easy access during meal times and special occasions. 

Crockery units are available in a diverse range of designs, materials, and finishes, allowing homeowners to select one that harmonizes with their interior decor and personal tastes. From classic wooden units with intricate carvings to sleek and modern glass or metal variants, there's a crockery unit to suit every style and theme.

Why Do You Need a Crockery Unit?

Beyond its utilitarian role, the crockery unit often assumes the role of a focal point in a dining area, enhancing the overall ambiance and lending an air of sophistication to the space. Its ability to seamlessly integrate practicality with aesthetic appeal makes it an indispensable element of interior design, catering to those who seek both functionality and elegance in their living spaces. Whether in a traditional dining room, a contemporary kitchen, or a formal entertaining area, the crockery unit stands as a testament to the art of organization and the beauty of showcasing one's dining treasures.

15 Modern Crockery Unit Design Ideas 2023 for your home -

Floating Shelves with Backlighting Crockery Unit: 

Floating Shelves with Backlighting Crockery Unit

Sleek, floating shelves with integrated LED lighting provide a contemporary look, emphasizing the displayed items inside the kitchen crockery unit, visible to your guests.

Glass-Fronted Display Crockery Unit: 

Glass-Fronted Display Crockery Unit

According to our interior designers in Bangalore, a minimalist cabinet with glass fronts and metallic accents, creates a modern and transparent display for your crockery unit. 

High Gloss Finish Crockery Unit: 

High Gloss Finish Crockery Unit

According to our interior designers in Hyderabad, a glossy finish in bold colours or neutrals can make your crockery unit a standout piece in a modern kitchen or dining area of your home. 

Glass and Metal Fusion Crockery Unit: 

Glass and Metal Fusion Crockery Unit

Combining glass shelves with a metal framework can give your unit an industrial and contemporary feel. The glass and metal combination will make your kitchen crockery unit look amazingly good! 

Sleek Crockery Unit: 

Sleek Crockery Unit

A minimalist rectangular box design with hidden handles can be an understated yet stylish choice. The basic design is preferred by homeowners who want to keep things simple without complicating too much. 

Glass Fronts with Frosted Glass Crockery Unit: 

Glass Fronts with Frosted Glass Crockery Unit

Frosted glass can add an element of privacy while maintaining a modern aesthetic. For those of you who want to hide an expensive booze collection from your guests, pick this theme for your crockery unit. 

Curved and Organic Shaped Crockery Unit: 

Experimenting with curved, organic shapes in the design can add a touch of uniqueness. According to our interior designers in Pune, they claim that curved and organic-shaped crockery units look more classy than the rest of them. 

Hidden Bar in Crockery Unit:

Hidden Bar in Crockery Unit

Designed modern crockery units come with concealed compartments that can be transformed into a bar, offering your guests a welcome drink when they visit your home. 

Two-Tone Colour Scheme Crockery Unit:  

Two-Tone Colour Scheme Crockery Unit

According to our interior designers from Coimbatore, playing with contrasting colours on different parts of the unit can create a striking and balanced look for your kitchen and home. 

Geometric Designed Crockery Unit: 

Incorporating geometric patterns into the unit's design can add a contemporary touch and a sense of depth to the crockery unit in your kitchen. 

Industrial-Themed Crockery Unit: 

Industrial-Themed Crockery Unit

Using materials like metal and reclaimed wood can give your crockery unit an industrial edge while maintaining a modern feel. This is also a budget-friendly option for those of you looking to save cash. 

Hidden Lighting Crockery Unit: 

Hidden Lighting Crockery Unit

Concealed LED lighting within the unit can highlight the crockery and create an inviting ambiance for your guests. Show off expensive items of your kitchen by throwing a ray of light over it. 

Floating Cabinet with an Artistic Backdrop Crockery Unit: 

Floating Cabinet with an Artistic Backdrop Crockery Unit

According to our interior designers from Pune, mounting the crockery unit against a bold, artistic backdrop can turn it into a striking focal point in the kitchen.

Multi-Functional Crockery Unit: 

Multi-Functional Crockery Unit

If you want to play smart in saving space, then combine storage for crockery with a TV stand or a bookshelf for a multi-purpose modern unit. Utilize the crockery unit for various different purposes at home. 

Translucent Materials for the Crockery Unit: 

Translucent Materials for the Crockery Unit

Take your crockery unit a step ahead by considering the use of translucent materials like acrylic or frosted glass for a modern, airy feel while displaying your crockery.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Crockery Unit?

Firstly, assess the available space in your home and measure the dimensions to ensure the unit fits seamlessly without crowding the area. Secondly, contemplate the storage needs based on your collection of crockery and dining accessories, ensuring the chosen unit provides ample space and compartments. Material selection is vital, opt for a durable and visually appealing material that complements your interior decor, such as wood, glass, or metal. Design and style should harmonize with your existing furniture and overall interior theme. Moreover, evaluate the unit's accessibility, ease of maintenance and additional features like lighting or hidden compartments. Lastly, establish a budget to guide your choices and prioritize quality and functionality while staying within your financial constraints. Thoroughly assessing these factors will lead to a well-informed and satisfying crockery unit purchase.

What Is the Cost of a Crockery Unit?

The cost of a crockery unit can vary significantly depending on several factors such as size, material, design complexity, brand and geographical location.

How Can Decorpot Help You?

Decorpot can assist you in achieving the best crockery unit design for your home by offering a blend of expertise and creativity. Our skilled interior designers take into account your space, style preferences and functional needs to craft personalized crockery unit solutions.

We provide a range of contemporary and innovative design options, helping you select the one that aligns perfectly with your interior decor.

Decorpot ensures quality craftsmanship and utilizes premium materials for durable and aesthetically pleasing units. Our commitment to detail and client satisfaction ensures that you receive a crockery unit that not only enhances your home's functionality but also elevates its overall aesthetics. With more than 4,250+ projects completed, place your trust in us!

Get-in touch with our design experts today!


Q1. What is the use of a crockery unit?

A crockery unit stores and displays dishes, glassware, and dining essentials, enhancing organization and serving as a decorative piece.

Q2. What colour options are available for the crockery unit?

Some popular colour options are White, beige and gray. Wooden finishes in light oak, walnut, or dark mahogany offer warmth and elegance.

Q3. Why decorpot for your home interior design?

Decorpot is a preferred home interior design due to quality assurance as well as awards and recognition. Decorpot is the customer’s most trusted choice for home interiors. 

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