An artsy yet earthen abode!

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - An artsy yet earthen abode!


Every home is a realization of a one’s dream which when blends with a designer’s vision comes out as beautiful piece of art. Mr. Rahul Jha’s #Decorhome is a classic specimen of the aforesaid. Positivity radiates from every corner of this home.



Considering the fact that there is an ample amount of light entering the home, colours chosen for every room are of a lighter tone thus making the home look more spacious and sophisticated.


The warmly lit wooden TV paneling adds contrast to the entire home. Natural wood or laminates with wooden finishing are known to add subtle earthiness to the space, and in the above living room they merge so well with the natural light, it creates a cozy yet warm and inviting atmosphere within. The beautiful pendant lighting in foyer along-with the cabinet’s earthen laminates; make this area blend with the interplay of light and earthy tones of living room.




The kitchen is separated from the living with a sliding door which has lacquered glass in the background with a Jali pattern on top, thus aesthetically matching with the jail design of the false ceiling too. This partition creates a lot of privacy in one’s cooking space. Inside this parallel kitchen, the little indoor plants placed near the window add more colours and textures while adding much needed natural element to a closed space



The master bedroom is a quite mix of work and relaxation. While the bed looks luxurious, the study corner acts as a perfect retreat for you to finish those final touches on your assignments, before you leave to a peaceful sleep on the cozy bed.



The kids’ bedroom and their playroom are the most beautifully conceptualized spaces of this home. The colour pops across the pale painted room. This bedroom is a dreamy little world, high on imagination. With a rainbow right above their shoulders and the night sky to look up to, this room gives their imaginations the wings to soar high.




“It has been a wonderful journey with Decorpot. We are extremely happy with the design as well as finished interiors. The entire project was executed very professionally and completed on time. Thank you Decorpot for transforming our house into a beautiful home!” says Mr. Jha& Family.



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