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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 7 MOST POPULAR MODULAR KITCHEN COLORS IN 2022

We all love following trends for clothing, decoration, designs, etc. You like a trendy-looking home interior that suits your personality, and the kitchen is not an exception in this case. With the knowledge of the trend regarding your modular kitchen interiors now you can choose the picture-perfect kitchen for your home.

Here are some colors that interior designers in Bangalore have found trending for your modular kitchen interior design. According to our design experts of Decorpot, there are many vibrant shades popular in the year 2022 for kitchen interior design.

Color Pink to Add Freshness

Modular kitchen interior design can be made using laminates of any color, but this pink kitchen interior idea has caught people's attention around the city of Bangalore. This color provides a fresh, calm, and clean look. Pink was generally not used in kitchen interiors before this year so this will add uniqueness to your home interiors.

Black to Stand Different

“BLACK” might sound weird as the color of the kitchen but “this color has gained the utmost love from Hyderabad Homes,” says the interior designers in Hyderabad. We need not have to put much effort into cleaning this color. A hint of white with black illuminates your whole kitchen interior. This color will give you a luxurious kitchen and stand different from others in the town.

Red for Warmth

Red is the color of life, adding life to your kitchen interior design. People these days love experimenting with their interior design by adding vibrant colors to some parts of their home interior design. This combination of red and white colors is a perfect example of experimental interior design. The Red modular kitchen interior design idea is unique, warm, and cheerful.

Uniform Tone of Gray

People who love to have a subtle and minimal interior design for their kitchen are adoring this contemporary home interior color. We never stopped loving shades of gray for our kitchen interior design so it is never off-trend. This color will provide a warm and welcoming look to your kitchen interiors.

Pop-Up Yellow

To be honest, yellow has become the color of the year. People have been using yellow pop-ups for their light-shaded interiors to add brightness. They implement this idea for their living spaces, bedroom interiors, and also in their kitchen interiors. A hint of yellow in the kitchen interiors is like the first ray of the sun on the earth's surface, fresh, warm, and pleasing.

Classic Woody Color

If you are someone wanting classic-looking modern kitchen interiors then you must go with this interior design idea. People in 2022 are adoring the classic look for their home interiors, according to the interior designers in Bangalore. This is the most trending kitchen interior color of 2022. This will make your kitchen look warm and classically beautiful.

Multi-Colored Kitchen

Breaking the believed rule is the new rule in 2022. People are extremely attracted to the Bohemian style. They want a boho kitchen interior design so are going for multi-colored cabinets for their modular kitchen. The combination of different colors might look absurd but that is the aim of this interior design, as it provides an attractive, experimental, and gorgeous look to your kitchen.

The kitchen is an important part of your home. Decorating and designing it is as relaxing as an organized living space. So it is you to chooses your happy color for the kitchen interiors of your dream home. A color that relaxes you, and a color that makes your cooking experience great is always the color of your kitchen. So, choose the trendy kitchen colors of 2022 that suit your personality.

To know more about interior design and decoration ideas book a free consultation today and talk with our Decorpot expert interior designers.



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