Living Room 101 - Contemporary Living Room – Move-in Trend

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  • Aug 14, 2020
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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Living Room 101 - Contemporary Living Room – Move-in Trend

There is a message your home sends out about you. And if the message you want is about being with the times, a contemporary living room would work best for you. Every design idea ever would have been contemporary at some point, including what is considered traditional today. At Decorpot, the best interior designers in Hyderabad strongly believes contemporary is a constantly evolving style, a re-interpretation in the present, of what has already existed in the past. In the current design lexicon, contemporary style stands for a minimalistic, aesthetic shorn of ornamentation. It is a bold trend to adopt for your home but does not take away from the elements of being warm and welcoming.

What a contemporary style living room would look like

Sharp lines, stark colors, and a sense of perfection and order are all characteristics of the contemporary living room style. You can also adapt the style to fit your tastes, bringing in some elements and leaving out others because the style is all about finding new ways of expression; of challenging an existing idea of what looks good. But to put the larger ideas about contemporary style into focus, here are some tips to follow. 


There is a common misconception that contemporary style is the same as the ‘modern’ style in interior design. It is the ‘modern’ style that dictates razor-edge lines and monochromatic color schemes. In true contemporary style, however, you can create contrasts with your furniture to create a layout you are most comfortable with. If you have a curvy armchair you love, you can perfectly fit it into your living room without losing the impact. The idea is to create balance and contrast with an overall impression of crisp lines. 


Black and white are the predominant colors in the contemporary living room style. But again, do not hesitate to play around with contrasts. You could even take up a monochrome color palette and go from one extreme to the other with various elements. A deliberate visual effect created by a single piece in sharp contrast is also an impactful idea to use. 


Metal is a preferred accent to the contemporary style. You could either use metal in the furniture or incorporate it in accessories like artwork or curio pieces. Metal edged mirrors or metallic paint on the walls form part of the theme. Striking geometric patterns on the floor or walls is also a typical feature of this style.

Leading Interior Designers in Bangalore

Bear in mind that free-flowing spaces and plentiful light are also highlights of this style of design. Do not clutter your space with too many pieces of furniture and make sure there is ample lighting, whether natural or built-in. Space, as in the floor plan, is also important for the walls, between the pieces you wish to highlight. 

A contemporary living room does not have to be a cold and stark place. It is perfectly open to your own interpretations as long as you keep it within the overall aesthetic of straight and sleek. 

Decorpot brings to you a plethora of styles to choose from and invites you to know about traditionally styled living space. 




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