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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Indian Interior Makeover Through Years The Kitchen

In many homes across India, ever since one can remember, the kitchen has been the heart of the home. A kitchen is also a place of maximum activity, especially during mealtimes and large family gatherings. The recent times have seen the rise of modern ideas like the modular kitchen designs and open concept layouts that have integrated the kitchen to the rest of the home, drawing more attention to it. Picking inspiration from the old and the new, read on to know a little more about how kitchen designs have evolved and what is trending.

Kitchen Interior Designers in Bangalore

Slice of tradition
Starting off from mud/brick stove called “chulha”. The typical Indian kitchen used to feature earthy tones and materials as well as highlights of a fundamental color. Some of these features are still a common aspect of a modern-day Indian kitchen and it exudes ethnic charm like no other. Natural light and good circulation were and still is an important aspect of a kitchen as this makes it breezier and less congested. Accents of wood also help retain that traditional quality and still allows an embrace with the modernity. 

Incorporating modern aesthetics
Nowadays interior designers are introducing the open concept into the kitchen design. An open kitchen has the advantage of being airier and less crowded in turn making the kitchen seem larger than it is. An open kitchen is an art on its own and it attracts the guests to admire the components like the countertop, color, patterns, and other aspects of design. Modern kitchen designs lean towards experimenting with bolder colors than neutral shades, giving the kitchen an edgier outlook.

Best Kitchen Interior Designers in Bangalore

Organizing is key
A great kitchen is incomplete without a good storage solution. Modular kitchen units and shelving is at the center of every kitchen design plan of today. The shelves and cabinets that are installed into the kitchen facilitate a smooth operation and a cleaner, clutter-free workspace. Adding more wall-mounted cabinets and shelves will help free up more space. Having a designated area for each item is vital to maintaining a neat and functional kitchen.

Efficient lighting
Good lighting in a kitchen is of paramount importance and is an absolute necessity. Apart from a viable source of natural light, a kitchen requires various types of artificial light to fulfill the functions that need to be carried out. A combination of recessed lights helps to illuminate the countertops and work areas of the kitchen. Lining the insides of the cabinets with LED strip lights or installing lights inside the shelves is also necessary to make it more convenient. A well-planned lighting system has the potential to transform your kitchen and take it a step further altogether.

A kitchen will always have a special place in every home, as well in everyone’s heart. Although an Indian kitchen has seen the changes and upgrades, the traditional values are still strong and very much thriving. Decorpot continues to combine the expertise and knowledge and create stunning kitchen designs that embrace both the traditional and the modern.

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