Indian Interior Makeover Through Years-The Dining Area

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Indian Interior Makeover Through Years-The Dining Area

Since the very beginning, the dining room is a central component of any home and is also the venue for many happy occasions. Though the design of the Indian dining room has witnessed quite a few changes over the years, the feeling and purpose of it stay true to its origin. From new house interior designing to putting our heart into every inch of the design, our expert interior designers in Hyderabad knows just the elements that make for a perfect dining area. Let’s take a look at the metamorphosis of the dining room.

Best home interior designers in Bangalore

Dining, the traditional way
A traditional dining room had many key elements but the main ones were great food and good conversation. It also had a big table to accommodate a large number of family and guests and was decked with wooden furniture and accessories as well. The large wooden table is still a quite common piece of furniture in an Indian dining room along with chairs made out of wood or other natural materials like rattan or wicker. A traditional chandelier or pendant lights that hang strategically over the table providing spotlighting is also something that has been passed down from generations of dining rooms.

Design with purpose
When deciding on what works for a dining room, it is mandatory to assess the space available and the various lighting requirements. Various kinds of lights will be needed to give the dining room an elevated ambiance, like a dramatic chandelier or pendant lights as overhead lighting. The furniture in the room should not be a hindrance to movement and must not make the dining room feel crowded. Ample space and light are key to an aesthetically pleasing and functionally optimal dining room.

Best Interior designers in Bangalore

A modern twist
Modern dining spaces make the dining experience more updated and fresh. A simple approach gives the dining room an elegant feel without it being too overbearing. The use of glass and metal accents are also a common aspect of a modern Indian dining room design. Incorporating an open concept floor plan allows the seamless flow of design from the living room or kitchen to the dining room and makes it seem more cohesive as a unit.

Design Tip - make it more intricate
A dining room has grown to be much more than just a place to sit down and have meals, it has added various features to its original purpose. Nowadays, the dining room is the hub of social gatherings, for entertaining guests in your home and occasionally is also a place for doing work. While designing the dining room which is surrounded by activity, it is important to inject some character and personality into the room and make it more intriguing. Adding interesting paintings or art pieces like a unique chandelier will turn out to be an instant conversation starter and is sure to keep the guests amused.

The dining room in an Indian home is as precious as the memories and amazing food that is shared there. While designing a dining room, Decorpot, the best interior designers in Bangalore, takes into account the best of both the traditional and modern styles and honors each of them. So, if you are looking to rethink your dining room, do get in touch with us to make it a reality.

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