Indian Interior Makeover Through Years – The Foyer

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Indian Interior Makeover Through Years – The Foyer

The foyer is the main entrance or entryway into your home and is also the point of first contact and first impressions. Gone are the days when the foyer was just a mere overlooked space in a home. Today foyers are being given the ultimate makeover in many Indian homes all over. Holding the ability to be the face and the greeting ground for those that enter your abode, foyers have become an integral part of any home interior makeover. Decorpot, the best interior designers in Bangalore, firmly believes that there’s a lot of design potential hidden in the foyer of every home. Let’s take a closer look at the journey of foyer transformation.

Change of perspective
The foyer of a typical Indian home was always viewed as an unused entryway that lacks any profound design or style. But now, interior designers and homeowners alike are leaning towards extending the interior design to the foyer, as a prequel to the rest of the design of the home. In the olden days, the foyer was treated as a space to store footwear and umbrellas of guests and homeowners whereas today it is given more of a design and aesthetic facet to it. The foyer is being given a facelift to merge with the design and plan.

Best Foyer area interior designer in Bangalore

Embracing the old and the new
The primary function of a foyer was to give the guests a warm welcome into your home and provide them the liberty to make themselves more comfortable by stowing their belongings like umbrella or footwear in a designated storage unit like a chest of drawers or a stand. This is something that still remains in the foyers of Indian homes of today, the function of storage remains integral to the foyer design. Another staple in every Indian home that still stands the test of time is a nice rug in the entryway. The storage function of the foyer is met with new and modern elements of design that blends into the rest of the home.

Best Home Interior Designers in Bangalore

Start from the door
The expert interior designers in Hyderabad suggests possibilities of how one can design the foyer are immense. The foyer is the perfect point to set the tone of the design and to showcase your aesthetic style and approach to the overall interior design. Before starting to design the foyer, it is necessary to assess the space available. If there is an ample amount of space, more design elements can be added to the foyer and the foyer can essentially have a character of its own. If the space of the foyer is confined and is leading to a different room, for example, the living room, the foyer can be cohesively designed to stage an impressive prelude to it.

Design Tip - Add a little style and personality
Your home is a reflection of your style mixed with the interior designer’s taste. The foyer should be no less than a sneak-peek into what lies ahead, in terms of design, style, and personality. Adding personal touches like an interesting rug or a unique piece of art can express a warm welcome to the guests. Mirrors are also a great addition to the foyer as it is both functional and decorative as well as helps reflect light in the space. Another detail that is not to be missed out is a little flora in the form of potted plants or fresh flowers to exude charm and warmth.

Having outgrown their functional existence, foyers are now an important part of interior design and makeover. As the initial step into a home, an impressive foyer is the best way to create a lasting impression and spark a fancy in the mind of the viewer. If you are looking for clever ways to spruce up your foyer, we at Decorpot, the best home décor company in Bangalore, is here for you! From new house interior designing to living room interior designing and lots more, with expertise and passion combined, we deliver dreams in the form of spaces.