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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Indian Interior Makeover Through Years  – The Living Room

The living room is the epicenter of any home. It is where you entertain guests, share stories, and create memories as a family and is one of the most commonly used spaces of a home. The living room of Indian homes have gone through a few transformations and adaptations but has still retained the warmth and charm of traditions. Read on to know about the changes in living room interior makeover over the years.

Best living space area designers in Bangalore

The timeless elements
Some elements of a classic Indian living room are still very much in trend as it is of a timeless nature. Wood furniture and pieces, bricks and stone, the use of natural materials, and the warmth of colors and patterns used in living rooms still have a prominent place in most Indian homes. These classic styles have been absorbed into a more modern and open-space concept to emulate a balance between the traditional and modern styles.

Modern influence in design
The living room design of today is a nod to tradition and an embrace with the modern. As the living room is the main room of any Indian home, adding modern elements to the design makes it more convenient and practical. A popular feature of the living room today is a uniquely crafted entertainment unit with modular shelves and patterns to add storage as well as aesthetic appeal. Natural light and air are also important factors of a modern Indian living room design. Interior designers and homeowners of today are also taking a stance by incorporating environmentally conscious materials and furniture into a home.

Best Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore

Space and function
The space and function of a living room are two sides of a coin when it comes to the design. The layout and the design plan of the living room are made with these two factors in mind by the interior designer. A good living room is functional to an optimal level and makes use of the vertical space rather than cluttering the floor space. It is most common in today’s living room plans to incorporate more storage and wall shelves to minimize clutter and disarray. Using multi-purpose furniture that doubles as storage is also a usual practice in living room interiors.

Design Tip - Add a unique and personal touch
Every home requires that special touch of uniqueness that stamps the personality of the homeowner and builds the character of a home. Likewise, as the most commonly shared space in a home, the living room of today requires a few personal touches to make it even more intriguing. Putting your family heirlooms on display, antiques, handmade art and more of something you are passionate about, can give your living room a unique spin and make it truly one-of-a-kind. 

A living room is undoubtedly the most important room in any home. As the concept of the living room has changed and has embraced modern times, some things still remain a classic as well as a cherished part of the design. At Decorpot Bangalore, we continue to deliver great living room interior designing with the perfect blend of modern & traditional and heaps of attention to detail. If you wish a home transformation in Bangalore, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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