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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Colour Therapy - The Kids Bedroom

That colours affect moods and behaviours is an accepted fact. Without a doubt, this assumes a much greater significance when it comes to kid’s rooms. The best interior designers in Hyderabad suggests it is important to go beyond the ‘blue for boys; pink for girls’ rhetoric when it comes to deciding kids’ room colours. For one, there is a world of choices out there and secondly, each child should be considered on the basis of their personal likes and dislikes rather than their gender when it comes to choosing décor. So, we would say, rule number 1 is, ask the child for their preferences. With that in mind, here are some great tips regarding kids’ room colour ideas. 

Great Colour Choices for Sensitive Minds

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Colours are known to inspire, agitate, cool, or relax the mind, based on each person’s level of sensitivity. These become much more pronounced when it comes to children. For instance, red is a colour that can excite and energise the body and mind. While this may work wonders for a quiet and contemplative child, it may result in hyperactivity among restless children.

Orange is often left out of décor choices. However, it is a colour that encourages confidence and communication and maybe a great choice for shy children. 

Bright yellows are said to inspire good cheer and motivation while softer yellows can promote concentration and aid with memory. However, an overdose of yellow may create agitation or even anger in some children. 

One colour that you can trust to keep your child relaxed and calm are green. But this is not a colour that everyone relates to, so you should definitely check with your child for their comfort level with this naturally mellow shade. 

Hyperactive children may benefit from the soothing effects of blue while it is said to cause depression and anxiety among children who are already quiet and sensitive. Purple, an emotive colour is said to inspire creativity, compassion, and wisdom. Pink, removed from its gender perception is also a soothing colour that can promote a feeling of security in children of either sex. 

Finding the Perfect Balance

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One rule of thumb in choosing the colour palette for a child’s room is to remember that they are growing every day. Stick to a palette they can grow into rather than limit them to an infant’s world till they are teens! One option is to choose wall colours that resonate with the parent’s room and throw in accents that are more childlike. These can easily transform as the child grows so that their room décor changes along with them. Another option is to have an accent wall that reflects their age and keep the rest of the room neutral. Wallpapers and rugs are a great way to create a playful ambience without committing the walls in a big way. 

Light pastels with bright accents are a perfect way to strike a balance between kids’ room décor and the changing needs of the child. 


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