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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - COLOR THERAPY - THE DINING ROOM

It is said that half the impact of food comes from its appearance. Now imagine the impact of serving your best efforts on a plate in a beautifully outfitted dining room. Your dining room has the unique distinction of being a focal point of your home but one in which you spend the least amount of time, compared to other areas in the house. This gives you a great advantage in planning dining room décor: you can go as bold or dramatic as you choose. Even if the rest of your house is done up in neutral shades or soothing colours, you can opt for a burst of liveliness in the dining room. It sets the mood and creates a great backdrop for those tantalising dishes and fantastic conversations. 

Here are some tips and tricks from interior designers in Hyderabad on how to go about planning a colour scheme for your dining room.

Best Interior Designers in BangaloreDining space with a refreshing blend of turquoise and mint green on the walls

Is there such a thing as an appetising colour?

Some would say, yes. Red, orange, and yellow are considered as colours that promote appetites and create an atmosphere of being cosy and intimate. You can counterbalance cherry red walls with elegant dark-wood furniture. Lighter wood colours work great with orange while yellow has fantastic chemistry with white vintage furniture. 

Turquoise is a traditional favourite for restaurant crockery as it is supposed to stimulate the sense of taste. It is an unconventional but vibrant choice for your walls. 

Lighter Shades of green, with its natural association to food, is also something you can try out if you are in a daring mood. You may have a greater challenge though, to accessorize and keep the room from being overwhelming.

Leading interior designers in BangaloreAn unconventionally beautiful color to opt for Dining

How Bright Can Your Dining Room be?

As bright as you can handle! If you are not comfortable with extreme colours on your walls, a trend you can adopt is the accent wall for the burst of colour. Keep the ceilings white or neutral and it will create more visual flair for your pendant lights or chandeliers.

Classic trends like monochrome never go out of style. Beige walls with royal blue dining chairs are another classy combination that is elegant and modern. 

Are There Any Colours You Should Avoid?

While acknowledging that ultimately it is the vibe and the food that gets a social gathering going, there are some colours designers like to avoid in a dining room. Dark grey and dark brown are generally considered unsuitable as they subconsciously bring in associations with dirt and grime. Deep blue was also off designers’ lists for a long time though it is now making heavy inroads, especially as an accent colour or when used in conjunction with white trims or other softening effects. 

One thing you can be sure about when planning your dining room décor is that the days of white walls and plain wood furniture is definitely out. Go bold and beautiful with Decorpot and your meals will be that much more elevated in terms of ambience. 

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