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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Colour Therapy - The Kitchen

Stark white walls with a solemn array of wooden cabinets. This was the standard idea of a kitchen until not very long ago. After all, the kitchen was all about functionality, not aesthetics. But over the decades, the best interior designers in Hyderabad have taken into account how colours affect your state of mind and put to use amazing palettes to make kitchens more welcoming, soothing, and energetic. Decorpot invites you on a journey through some amazing colours for your kitchen that will make you feel like a culinary wizard. After all, it is the space where you spend your first productive minutes in the morning and some of the most intense moments of your day. 

What 2020 holds in store for Kitchens

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In one word: everything. Maybe it is the fact that people have been spending more time than ever in their kitchens but currently, kitchen décor is all about making you feel ‘in the zone’. The options are fun, bold, dramatic, larger-than-life – whatever makes you feel most at home. You can make a Rubik’s cube out of your kitchen if you feel like it and that would be perfectly fine! To give you an idea about the possibilities, here are some cues: 

  - White, grey, or neutral walls with bright coloured cabinets in a single colour.

  - Flip it around and go sober white on the cabinets but paint the walls bright orange (yes, you heard that right). Or teal. Even apple green. 

  - Keep the walls mostly neutral but go bright on the ceiling.

  - Paint an accent wall in a surprising shade like teal.

  - Go all out Barbie and turn your kitchen into a pink paradise.

  - If you feel more Martha Stewart than Barbie, stay cool with greys and copper for the classic effect.

As you can see, it is all about making you feel more at ease. 

The Million Dollar Question: Do Black and White, work for Kitchens?

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In recent years, the white made its way onto kitchen cabinets in a big way. Many were apprehensive about this trend considering how heavy Indian cooking is, in its use of oils and spices. But increasingly, people are getting used to the idea that with the right materials, white can work as well as any other colour. 

Black is similarly challenging mindsets and the Decorpot opinion on the matter is that, yes, Black can set the right tone too, if it is your colour. You don’t have to necessarily pair it with white for a stark effect: you can tone it down with wooden or metal accents. And add an interesting contrast with a colourful backsplash or accessorise with a few succulents in colourful pots. 

Red is a colour that is supposed to stimulate the appetite. Grey, once a much-maligned colour for interiors, is one of the most versatile when it comes to creating a balanced appearance. The only rule when it comes to creating a colour palette for your kitchen is that there is no rule. 

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