Creative and Cozy Bedroom Window Seat Design Ideas

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Creative and Cozy Bedroom Window Seat Design Ideas

Creating a beautiful nook, a haven to sit and just unwind is something that every one of us craves.

Whether you use it as a reading corner or for a relaxed breakfast, those cozy window seats add an element of comfort to your bedroom. This is one of those areas in your home that reflects your personality and identifies as ‘you’.

Our home interior designers in Bangalore work with our clients to truly understand how they envision their window seats and design an elegant and cozy corner that becomes their haven.

Let’s look at the different bedroom window seat ideas you can implement with our Decorpot’s interior designers in Bangalore.

Bright and Beautiful Reading Nook

Beautiful Reading Nook for Bedroom Window

Many of us yearn to sit by the side of the window, taking in the view and relax with a cup of our favourite drink and a book. 

The best interior designers in Hyderabad suggest you for designing this reading nook with soft and comfy upholstery and a small storage area at the bottom or the side of the window to store your books. If you don’t have space for a storage area, add a small side table near the window corner. You can also throw on some matching pillows with the upholstery to make you feel even more comfortable.

Elongated and Pretty Window Seat

Pretty Bedroom Window Seat

Why restrict your window seat to a corner and keep it small when you have a large and airy window?

You can add a low-level window seat that runs through the entire length of the window. You can also add a little storage space below your window seat and make it multifunctional. Add some huge curtains over the window that you can use to partially close the window when it’s too bright.

You can colour-coordinate your curtains with the upholstery and the cushions to make the window seat stand out from the rest of your bedroom. Our bedroom interior designers in Bangalore can help you choose the right colour combinations and designs.

Subtle, Green-Inspired Window Seat

Green Inspired Window Seat

We often sit at window seats because of how comfortable it looks and how serene it feels. 

What’s more peaceful and calmer than a couple of potted plants, flowers and a view of the trees from the window?

You can create a nature-inspired window seat by adding little potted plants on the side of the window seats. Throw on some subtle-coloured upholstery and bamboo curtains to elevate the interiors of your home in Bangalore. You can also add some beautiful flowers in a vase and keep them by the window side on a wooden table.

Small and Pleasant Extended Window Seat

Pleasant Extended Window Seat

You don’t need to restrict the window seat area just with the upholstery. You can extend the seating area even beyond that by adding a single-seat lounging sofa or bean bags if you’re up for quirky seating. Such a placement would work well when your window seat area is smaller than you want.

At Decorpot, we have talented interior designers in chennai who’ll help you figure out the right design to create a comfy and cozy bedroom window seat. Feel free to contact and book an appointment now @ 91086-02000

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