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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Trending Modern Window Design Ideas for Home

Windows are necessary in any home to let in lots of light and air. But they don't have a one-size-fits-all design. Different window designs serve different purposes in terms of enhancing aesthetics and functionality. You may choose the window that best matches the style of your house by understanding how different windows differ from one another. So let us see the top 10 Modern Window Design Ideas from our interior designers in hyderabad that will help you to have a clear idea about window designs for your home

Design for Living Room Windows

Your hall can be made more alive and cheerful by picking the appropriate windows. You can choose these huge casement windows in place of conventional windows to gain access to breathtaking outside vistas. The large glass windows allow for plenty of sunshine and fresh air to enter the space, which can improve the mood. According to the arrangement and structure of the room, the colors and sizes can be changed.

Design of Kitchen Windows

The kitchen's bay window, which hides the washbasin area and significantly alters the aesthetic of this area. Four casement windows with a unique shape can be found within the broad frame. While the side windows can be opened, the center windows are fixed with clear glass. This window style allows more light and air into the space, which improves your home's ability to conserve energy.

Design of a balcony window

The traditional French window style for balconies can improve the appeal of your home's outer façade. The patio door has extra-large windows attached to its sides, which seamlessly match the rest of the pattern. The purpose of employing this type of window design is to maintain the room's illumination throughout the day by allowing a greater flow of light and air into the space. The vista at night might be just as breathtaking!

Design of Bathroom Windows

The majority of people don't realize that bathrooms require windows for ventilation! Windows not only provide more natural light but also sufficient airflow to keep a place feeling fresh. Here is a common bathroom window design that takes advantage of the double-hung window design. To adjust the amount of light and air, the two sashes glide up and down. The clear glass allows you to see outdoors when it's not in use.

Design of Office Windows

Installing a big window design with a view of the outside environment will make your home office light and exciting. Windows not only let fresh air into the office, but they also aid in reducing sensations of sluggishness and tiredness. It increases your sense of connectedness to the outside world, reduces stress, and boosts your general productivity. You may control it based on your moods by combining casement and sliding windows.

Design of Staircase Windows

In this normally dark area, having a glass window close to the staircase not only adds a striking aesthetic but also provides the ideal quantity of airflow. One such staircase window design uses clear glass to construct stacked windows. These windows' sizes can be adjusted based on the length of the wall. To let in some fresh air without sacrificing privacy, combine fixed and adjustable windows.

Design of Corner Windows

Corner windows are a practical method to make use of your home's underused spaces. These V-shaped glass windows, which fit into the design of your room and keep it aired, take the place of solid walls. To prevent unintentional entry or accidental falls, corner windows are typically fixed. You can choose partitioned window designs that are functional and include a safety locking system, though. 

Design of Arched Windows

Regular windows can't give your house a classic appeal like arched teak hardwood window designs can! Their distinctive shape gives the space an accented look and a rustic sense. These adaptable windows are quite functional and make excellent ventilation locations. The designs can also be altered so that they remain as full casement windows or are only partially fastened at the top and fully operable at the bottom.

Design of Round Windows

Here is a design for a round pivot window that gives your house a modern feel. The enormous window gives you unrestricted access to fresh air and an abundance of sunlight to light up your room. Your homes will have a unique appearance thanks to the circular frames, which also improve curb appeal. For rooms that look out into a garden or the sky, these window designs are perfect. 

Creating Sliding Windows

When compared to conventional hinged or casement windows, sliding windows have many advantages. First of all, they are excellent space-savers and perfect for small rooms. Depending on the design, they can open vertically or horizontally. These windows also require little upkeep and have fewer component parts when they need to be replaced. These windows are easy to open with just a slight push or pull, making them great for both kids and seniors.


These are modern window design ideas for home in 2023 from our interior designers in hyderabad that will help you get a clear idea about getting a window design for your home spaces. For more personalized home interior design, you can contact our design experts at Decorpot now.