Modern Home Window Designs To Inspire You

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Modern Home Window Designs To Inspire You

Windows are as essential as the right construction material for any house-any subpar design or quality and it could break the house. If you are about to build your dream home, or planning on remodeling your current one, then look at these window designs suggested by some of the expert interior designers in Bangalore.

Before you decide on the style of the windows, think about the following factors to ease the process:

  • What is the architectural style of your home? Traditional, quirky, sophisticated or a mix of styles?
  • What is the purpose of the window? Is it decorative or do you want it for sufficient light and air?
  • What is the orientation of the sun? It is vital to know where the sun rises from and sets at, to place the windows at an optimal spot.

Windows can make or break the look of your home so rather than toiling alone on what to choose, why not speak with some of the best living room interior designers in Bangalore at Decorpot? Our experts will know what to suggest based on your needs, style, and budget. 

Black Frame Windows

Black Frame Windows

Adding colored frame to your windows will instantly take your style a notch up. Look for the classic black or deep blue matte paint for large windows in your living area. This is a low budget project that you can do yourself within a day. Just make sure to properly cover the panes and the walls to avoid the paint mess. Or you could speak with our interior designers in Bangalore for more choices in colors and designs.

Rustic Touch

If you have a backyard or a garden outside your kitchen then having large windows will always allow you to enjoy the view. Think of adding rustic wood panels and sturdy wooden mullions for a farmhouse vibe. Add a few plants and an old school sink, and voila-you have a Pinterest-worthy space.

Indian Windows, but Make it French

French Window Designs

Our expert interior designers in Hyderabad explains about a very common feature of luxury homes are the ceiling-to-floor doors that act as windows when shut. And while this is a great feature for faraway homes, most urban houses in India may not be comfortable having such doors. You can take inspiration from the style though, and have clean, white windows installed in the kitchen or the top floor of a duplex. This will add a touch of elegance in your home and you won’t feel like your privacy has been invaded.

Jharokha Windows

Jharokha Windows

Add a touch of royalty to your home by adding Rajasthan-inspired window frames to your smaller windows. You can have them custom built to add a unique touch to your interiors or speak with the top home interior designers in Bangalore at Decorpot for more ideas. 

Stained Windows for Bathrooms

Stained Windows for Bathrooms

Believe it or not, bathroom windows are the most underused interior design that can singlehandedly change the whole look of your loo. If you have a large window frame in your bathroom, then think Victorian tainted glass panes that are not transparent but let in enough light. You can also choose tinted or frosted glass panes to add a touch of panache to your windows.

Window remodeling is a budget-friendly project that works wonders for changing the look of your home. Whether you live in an apartment or a house surrounded by nature, Decorpot can make your home the reality you always dreamt of. Call us today for a free consultation; we are here to help.