6 Unmatched Uses and Benefits of a Modular Kitchen

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 6 Unmatched Uses and Benefits of a Modular Kitchen

Before, we jump into the practical advantages of a modular kitchen, let’s have a word of clarity of what exactly is a modular kitchen? Modular simply means a thing that employs in different modules/parts to construct one useful structure. A Modular Kitchen is storage modules combined all together to create one space arranged to provide high storage capacity. Here our expert interior designers in Hyderabad discussed on the unmatched uses and benefits of one such kitchen-

1. High Storage Capacity:

The first among the various reasons has undoubtedly to be the storage capacity provided by a modular kitchen. Do it for yourself: The next time you plan on a crystal clear cleaning of your kitchen, heap up all the stored goods from the different modules and you will be amazed by combined internal space provided by various big and small storage drawers and cabinets.

 2. Increased functionality within a small space:  

Speaking technically, an average square feet area of a kitchen will fall in between 50-100sqft and how to make this space highly useful and functional? Answer-  “Modular Kitchen”. Rows of storage cabinets below and above the kitchen platform, column for your conventional cooking and baking appliances, all sitting in the same space along with that huge fridge of yours. 

3. Ease of accessibility:

When we say ease of accessibility, it's basically your talent of preferential storing. You know exactly what stuff is of daily use and where they have to be placed to find them more handy. 
Your daily mix of masalas, oil, and cutleries for cooking goes right in the first drawer below the slab. Your cooking utensils go in a huge compartment right beside it. Your dose of homemade snacks, munchies, dry fruits and nuts in the wall hanging shelves right in front of your eyes. 
Use the top most and the bottom most storage for keeping extra stocks or goods that you use less frequently. Above all store the goods as per your ease and usability!

Ease of accessibility

4. High scope of customization:

Refers to what specific combination of drawers, shelves, and racks would justify your requirements: 

- What size of drawers and cabinets would solve your purpose
- What shape of stainless steel holders should go in the units to adjust your cutleries
- What form of handles you find more convenient 

5. You can see your home more settled and decluttered:

This one goes to the diversity and amount of cooking goods an Indian kitchen remains embraced with. Storing all of them at one place might question your capability of arranging things if you are not blessed with a modular kitchen. Modular kitchen provides a more organized and sorted look to your complete home.

6. Plethora of design and color options:

When it comes to modular kitchens you can always go vary as much as per your style on basis of shape, size, color and textures.

- Options of shape- U Shaped Kitchen, L Shaped Kitchen, Parallel Kitchen, Island Kitchen, Straight Kitchen
- Choices for finishes- Acrylics, high gloss laminates, matte finish laminates, Lacquered glass.
- Pick of color theme- Bright colors, muted tones, single color, printed patterns, textured laminates.

You name it, we create it!
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