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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - TRENDY MODULAR KITCHEN IDEAS FOR YOUR HOME

Modular kitchens are contemporary kitchen designs that are well structured and organized, which are convenient to access, and also look modern. They are very much preferred for homes with limited space. In a modular kitchen, the shelves, drawers, and cabinets are incorporated in a proper way of easily going. There are plenty of design ideas for modular kitchens available and we will bring you some of the most trendy and classy ones for your home from our best interior designers in bangalore

L- Shaped modular designs

L shaped modular kitchen

Many people opt for L- shaped modular kitchen designs since they are more user-friendly and convenient especially mostly preferred indian kitchen design. They utilize the space well and can help you to multitask and also accommodate more people while working in the kitchen. You can even partition your kitchen area for storage and cleaning on one side and cooking on another side, which makes your work easy and also looks tidy.

U- Shaped modular designs

U shaped modular kitchen

U-shaped designs are compact and clutter-free and let you have more working space. They give you enormous storage space and also a grandeur look. Having space in the middle can let you add a kitchen island or dining table, which is an added advantage. You will also have many design options when it comes to U-shaped kitchens.

Parallel kitchen designs

parallel modular kitchen

This is the best design when you have very limited space. The modules will be designed over the parallel walls and the center area will be used as a walkway. When it comes to small apartments, parallel kitchens are a great idea as they eliminate the need for separate kitchen space. But that doesn't mean you should compromise on looks. You have the freedom to choose different styles on both sides and they will give a unique touch to your kitchen.

Straight kitchen

straight modular kitchen

These straight kitchen designs are less complicated since they are built on a single wall. They give a simple yet elegant look to your kitchen. They are a perfect design for small families and small apartments. Having a minimalist approach to this design will make it look chic. They not only save your space but also cost.

Modular kitchen design in grey color

If you're looking for a stylish and modern kitchen design, then you can't go wrong with a grey modular kitchen. Grey is a popular choice for kitchens as it's a versatile and neutral color that can be easily matched with other colors and materials. Plus, it has a sleek and sophisticated look that will instantly transform your kitchen space. If you're based in Chennai, then be sure to check out the best interior designers in chennai who can help you create your perfect grey modular kitchen.


These are some trendy modular kitchen designs that are being demanded by most people nowadays. Based on your preferences, you can still customize the designs as per your space, needs, and budget. Because of that, you can always reach the top interior designers in Bangalore from Decorpot to make your life easy.