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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Top Modular Kitchen Designs for your home

Which place in a house gets used the most, if you've ever tried to find out, You'll understand that the kitchen is that place. It should come as no surprise that the kitchen is regarded as the most significant room in the house given that food is one of our fundamental needs. Over time, meticulous kitchen planning has made sure that cooking is more convenient and that the area looks clutter-free. The year 2023's kitchen design trends are all set to up the ante!

Don't trust our word? Find out the top modular kitchen designs from our interior designers in hyderabad that will be popular in 2023 and which ones you should let go of by reading on.

Setting up Crockery and Bar units 

Setting up Crockery and Bar units 

The popularity of at-home entertainment has soared since COVID. As much time as they do in eateries or coffee shops, people now spend with their friends at home. In 2023, we feel there would be a rise in popularity for items like bar cabinets and crockery units. 

The aesthetic appeal of the kitchen is increased while providing additional storage and display space with these multi-purpose cabinet designs. With an open floor plan and a chic crockery unit, this trendy modular kitchen design is one that we adore. Your pricey dinnerware is highlighted by its backlit shelves and clear glass doors.

Duco Finish

Duco finish cabinets will enhance your kitchen's aesthetic without breaking the bank. It is very attractive in addition to being durable. A vibrant kitchen is created by combining Duco finish cabinets with printed surfaces. 

Choosing natural tones like champagne and earthy browns will give your home's interiors a more contemporary appearance.  Stone, cement, and light wood finishes are all earthy-themed design elements that will be popular in kitchens in 2023. The cabinets' classic, timeless, and stylish appearance is a result of the Duco finish.

The best kitchen color schemes will be a blend of light and bright tones

The best kitchen color schemes will be a blend of light and bright tones

It's time to ditch the drab colors and embrace the joy of vivid hues! The kitchen color trends for 2023 are expected to be dominated by blue and green tones. You can create the hottest kitchen design by combining vibrant colors like pink, yellow, blue, and green with light wood laminates. 

Kitchens in 2023 will be vibrant with a harmony of understated countertops and dados. Additionally, mixing white with pastel colors will work well to create a calming atmosphere.

Evergreen trend of parallel kitchen 

Evergreen trend of parallel kitchen 

Parallel kitchen layouts provide high convenience in a smaller space, which is a major concern in urban Indian homes. The countertop and storage space are doubled, not to mention. An efficient way to cook in a small space, for instance, is to use a kitchen with a parallel design that is bright red and promises easy navigation.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel kitchen designs are very popular and user-friendly options because they require little maintenance, are corrosion-free, and can be tailored to meet individual needs. In order to save valuable floor space, the oven and the majority of the storage space may be included in the wall unit. The most significant benefit offered by these kitchens is that they are durable and environmentally friendly. The wooden modular kitchen design in these rooms gives off a vintage vibe.

Tropical Kitchen

The tropical kitchen theme is popular right now because people want to feel more of a part of nature, and it also works to make the space more calming. Traditional patterns and exquisite wood carvings, which are frequently combined with tropical vegetation to create an aesthetically pleasing environment, are distinctive feature of tropical interiors. One of these kitchens would be perfect for, among other places, a beach house or a vacation home. These kitchens can have different looks depending on how they are lit and illuminated.

Kitchen Cabinet Colours Are Increasingly Matte Black

White kitchens are timeless and won't go out of style, according to our top designers. But it's impossible to turn back once you've gone black! The matte black kitchen cabinets with brass hardware are for people who enjoy a touch of boldness in their home decor. 

A feast for the eyes is this matte black open kitchen! With the addition of the cabinet handles, the timeless color combination of black and white is a surefire winner. We adore how the textured backsplash adds personality to this kitchen while preserving the elegance of black.


Choosing the ideal Modular kitchen design for your space from all the fantastic options available in 2023 can be a little challenging. Our esteemed team of interior designers in hyderabad can help you, though! Schedule a free interior design consultation right away to get help embracing the newest trends!