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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - TOP TRADITIONAL LIVING ROOM DESIGN IDAS

Getting the look of your living room just right is one of the greatest challenges in interior design. You may have seen a thousand pictures and been floored by many of them – an accent here, a statement piece there, or a color scheme in another. But tying them together may not work out if they don’t all fall under a compatible design scheme. In any home, it is the living room that will receive the most number of visitors and it needs to be a space that you are proud of. 

The interior designers in Hyderabad at Decorpot brings to you the lasting popularity of traditional living room styles. 

What defines a traditional style living room

Traditional living rooms are inspired by 18th and 19th-century décor, largely based on the formal living rooms of vintage European homes. They sport furniture in classic designs that are coordinated in colors and styles. Wooden accents are a typical feature. The tone is one of sophistication and muted elegance. 


Large sofas with voluminous cushions and comfortably upholstered armchairs are part of a traditional living room. Heavy wooden furniture is preferred, often with elaborate carvings. Wooden seating can be contrasted with metallic center tables or side tables. The traditional living room is apt for people who entertain often as it is designed for a large number of people to lounge in comfort. It should however not be overcrowded with the furniture as the grandeur is emphasized with open spaces.

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Colour Scheme

Traditional living rooms largely make use of a neutral color scheme like brown or beige though white is also favored in the mix. Loud contrasts and bold colors do not blend well in this style. Softer accents like floral patterns on cushions and rugs can truly complement this style. 


The overall mood of a traditional living room is one of warmth and intimacy. Rugs are often seen as an essential feature. Large and soft cushions add an inviting and welcoming feel. Drapes in this kind of living room tend to be heavy and classic rather than flowy and sheer. Wood paneling and cabinetry are often used to accentuate the look. 

Make the traditional living room style work for your home by putting your personal stamp of creativity on it. The key to nailing the look is to not be overly dedicated to any particular era or style. The idea is to adapt the aesthetic without being tied down to the theme. You also don’t have to adapt it to every area of your home. You can choose more eclectic themes for the rest of the house, keeping it more contemporary or casual. 

The best feature of a traditional living room style is that it is open to interpretation and therefore never goes out of style. You can even bring in contemporary pieces into the scheme to give it a modern twist. 

At Decorpot, we strive to bring in a style that makes everyone – young or old – feel welcome and comfortable so you always emerge the perfect host.