Use Pastels without over-sweetening the Interiors

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Use Pastels without over-sweetening the Interiors

Pastel shades have moved on, from being adorned on the walls of the children’s room and represented as the color of the icing on cupcakes and have found a sweet spot in the grownup areas of homes. Interior designers are including pastels in many modern ways, across various sections of a home, spreading the serenity and whimsy of these delicate shades.

Pastels are undoubtedly becoming a popular choice as it adds muted charm and simplicity to any home and is also a major style statement. They present a perfectly pared-back choice for those who want to inject color into their homes in a more subdued manner. Decorpot Bangalore, the best interior designers in Bangalore, is here to help you rethink the misconception of the saccharine nature of pastels and redefine their usage in your home. Read on to know more about how you can bring down the excessive sweetness of pastel shades and how they can help you in giving your home a sophisticated and fresh look.

Pastel and geometry combo is the perfect choice

Soft, sorbet shades of the pastel palette work beautifully with nice, clean, and modern lines and geometric patterns. The contrast between the softness of the pastel color and the sharpness of the graphic lines create an impactful and fashion-forward outcome and cuts down the sweetness while retaining the elegance and simplicity of the shade.

You can add some drama to a plain, boring wall by introducing this modern concept of pastel shades complemented with bold lines and graphics.

Pair pastels with wood and nature

Pastel Interior designers in Bangalore

Pastel shades bring forth feelings of light, calm, and relaxation, but the sweetness of the shade on its own can sometimes be too overpowering for the eyes.

   - Pairing pastels with the warmth and grounding nature of wood and other natural materials like rattan, stone finishing, etc. can tie everything together and create a perfect balance.

   - A striking feature of pastel shades is its ability to merge well with wood and other natural materials and enhance the entire aura of the space.

   - Designing a room with wood and pastel shades usher in feelings of calm and sophistication in the most subtle way.

Mix with bolder shades for a visually appealing effect

Best home pastels interior designers in Bangalore

Another way to balance the sweetness of the delectable pastel shades is by rubbing shoulders with brighter and bolder shades to create an aesthetically pleasing fusion. Interior designers are mixing bold, vivid shades with subdued pastel shades in many ways from having a pastel backdrop and bright furniture to combining a bit of both. 

The effect this combination brings about is an unexpected yet welcoming twist to any space and helps in uplifting the vibe of the space as well.

Pastel shades you’ll fall in love with

Pastels go seamlessly well with a range of different styles and prove to be a very adaptable palette to work with. Playing around with various prints and patterns in pastel shades can create an aesthetic and sophisticated feel when done in the right way. 

The possibilities of ways on how to use pastel shades in a room are never-ending, from the wall to the floor to the furniture and décor. 

Mixing and layering different textures in the fabric of the curtains to the accessories and furniture adds dimension and character to the subtleness of pastel shades and will surely make you fall in love with your room.

Pastel shades make a great addition to any home, no matter how little or big you want the presence of these delicious shades to be. If you are inspired to say hello to the pastel trend, Decorpot is here to help you add a little fun, romance, and sophistication of pastels in your home.