Top 15 Stunning Shoe Rack Designs To Match With Your Home Interiors

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Top 15 Stunning Shoe Rack Designs To Match With Your Home Interiors

Desire to flaunt your expensive shoe collection boldly? Footwear and shoes are an essential part of a human's lifestyle. A designated shoe rack can accommodate all your precious collections in one place. While entering your home, a shoe rack is obviously placed at the entrance or beside the main door. The design of the shoe rack is crucial as it's the first object your guests would notice while setting foot inside your home. To give them an impression worth remembering for a long time, Decorpot provides you with creative and useful design ideas for your home shoe cabinet. Furthermore, in this article, we will learn about the different types of shoe rack designs, to match your home interiors. 

Different Types of Shoe Racks for your home 

A Shoe Rack in the Wardrobe: 

Shoe Rack in the Wardrobe

If you want to store your shoe collection in the bedroom, then get a shoe rack fitted in between or beside your wardrobes. Upon getting ready and dressing up, it becomes easier to select footwear of your choice spontaneously before leaving home. 

A Shoe Rack with a Bench: 

Shoe Rack with a Bench

While returning home exhausted or struggling to fit into tight shoes, a bench eases the process. Sit comfortably on the bench of your shoe rack, spend a few minutes, relax and wear your favourite footwear before carrying on with your busy schedule. The bench can also be offered to guests for help as a polite gesture. 

An Open Shoe Rack: 

Open Shoe Rack

If the goal is to give a basic design to your shoe rack at home, then an open shoe rack does the job. For those of you who do not wish to spend extra money on designing the shoe rack, then pick the simple one for your home. 

A Shoe Rack with Mirror Cabinets: 

Shoe Rack with Mirror Cabinets

Conscious about the looks of your footwear before leaving home or after entering inside? Then place a mirror cabinet into your shoe rack. The mirror will reflect the looks of your footwear so that you can clean those mud stains on time. Nobody likes to see or wear dirty shoes, so make sure that the looks are worth it! 

A Showcase Cabinet Shoe Rack: 

Showcase Cabinet Shoe Rack

To boast of your footwear collection in front of all the guests at your home, use a showcase cabinet shoe rack. The transparent glass allows your guests to take a sneak peek at your fancy shoe collection. 

Under the Stairs Shoe Rack: 

Under the Stairs Shoe Rack

Save space by placing the shoe rack under the stairs. If your home entrance is compact and doesn't have a suitable space for a dedicated shoe rack, then shift the spot and place it under the staircase of your home. 

A Hanging Shoe Rack: 

Hanging Shoe Rack

If your collection is vast, then place grab rails behind the door of your wardrobe and make the footwear hang there. This also saves space and gives way to adding more footwear to your collection. 

Wall Mounted Shoe Rack: 

Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

Impress your visitors at home by taking your shoe rack design to the next level. Get the shoe cabinet wall mounted and save space on the ground to keep other home decor items. A wall-mounted shoe rack is a unique design. 

Slanted Shoe Rack:

Slanted Shoe Rack

Besides turning the entire area into a shoe rack, install wooden planks on the sides of the steps. Use the staircase to sit and wear your footwear peacefully. A part of your staircase would be utilised in making the slanting shoe rack. 

An Asymmetric Shoe Rack: 

Asymmetric Shoe Rack

For those who like to play with looks and designs, pick an asymmetric shoe rack for your home. The funky design will leave your guests and visitors impressed by your choice of design for the shoe cabinet. 

Adjustable Plywood Shelves Shoe Rack: 

Another appealing and trending design for your shoe rack is having an adjustable styled one. For shoes and boots of greater size, make space according to your wish and fit them into the shoe rack as per your choice. The plywood is strong enough to bear heavy-weight boots and thick-soled hiking shoes. 

Open Plywood Shoe Rack with Shelves

Open Plywood Shoe Rack with Shelves

This is a shoe rack that can be left half-opened. A shelf on the top is suitable for keeping a flower vase or a candle at the entrance of your home. The open plywood shoe rack with a shelf design is an exceptional choice for those who want to make a difference from common styles. 

Ladder Shaped Shoe Rack: 

Ladder Shaped Shoe Rack

Creativity can be taken to any extreme level. Imagine having a ladder-style shoe rack at the entrance of your home. Keeping your footwear uniformly on it gives a different vibe when your guests and visitors enter inside. Be a trendsetter by showing off your ladder-shaped shoe rack. 

A Rotating Shoe Rack: 

For homes with a compact entrance or less storage space, keep a rotating stand and hang all your favourite footwear in it. The stand can also be moved around to different corners of the home. You can quickly pick what you like and hang them back with ease. 

PVC Pipes Shoe Rack: 

PVC Pipes Shoe Rack

After the completion of your new home, if you're wondering what can be done with extra PVC pipes, then here's a tip for you. Cut the PVC pipes into smaller proportions. Fit them into the side walls and attach them together. Form a symmetric design of your wish and place your footwear in it. This is a simple, yet smart way to make use of leftover items at home, especially if you're on a tight budget!

Advantages of having a shoe rack 

  1. Protect your expensive footwear from dust settling over it. 
  2. Save your efforts by keeping the floor clean from shoe stains. 
  3. Be organised and save space instead of scattering the shoes around your home.

How can Decorpot help you?

Over 4,250+ projects are completed and we aim to increase these figures by giving your home a touch of our taste. At Decorpot, our interior designers will help you replicate your dreams into reality. With cutting edge technology available at an affordable price, place your trust in us and help us deliver you with happiness.

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Q1. What materials are used to make a good shoe rack?

The most commonly used material used for making a shoe rack is wood. This can either be Oakwood or Sheesham wood. Some shoe racks also have a laminated wooden finish. 

Q2. Where do we keep the shoe rack? 

It is ideally recommended to keep a shoe rack outside the door or beside it. You can also place one after the entrance of your home. Some people also keep them in the washroom. 

Q3. What depth is required for a shoe rack?

A person can make a decision about this depending on the size of his shoes or footwear. Mostly, the depth can be about 13 inches to 15 inches.


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