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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 5 MUST THINGS TO BE PRESENT IN INDIAN INTERIOR DESIGN

The rich and diverse culture of India that has been perfected over thousands of years leaves its intricate mark on every aspect of life, even in the home interiors. No matter if you are a first-time homeowner planning on designing the interiors of your house. Or you are reading this piece to improve your knowledge of what makes the perfect indian interior design; there are a few things that you just can’t miss. The five things mentioned below by our best interior designers in bangalore are very common and prevalent among indian interior designers throughout the country, regardless of state, culture, or religion. These items are essential if you want your house to be fundamentally Indian and highly functional.

Shoe Rack for indian interior design

shoe rack for indian interior design

Shoe racks are a common element of every Indian house. These racks come in handy in protecting your shoes from dirt and keeping the entrance of your home clean. Since it’s the place your guests will first see, shoe racks are crucial to keeping your house looking its best. With the help of modern interior designers, you can get highly sophisticated shoe racks made from different materials that can amp up the appeal of your house.

Dresser for indian interior design

dresser for indian interior design

Dressers, or ‘dressing tables’ as it is more commonly known, are a big part of Indian households. You will find incredibly well-crafted wooden dressers in almost all vintage Indian houses. Today, thanks to modern technology, you can get similar vintage designs or even go for modern dressers with maximal storage space to decorate your interiors. Dressers are an essential element of Indian households, and as such, they are available at varying price points and materials to make them available for everyone.

Wardrobe for indian interior design

wardrobes for indian interior design

Unlike Western countries, wardrobes or ‘almirahs’ are not used just to store clothes in them. In India, wardrobes are used to store any and everything valuable and vital, ranging from clothes to important documents and even jewelry. Today you can get wardrobes that are movable and also ones that are built into the design of your house. While the latter requires more planning, you can get expansive wardrobes at affordable costs when you work with interior designers in Bangalore.

Home Temple for indian interior design

home temple for indian interior design

Spirituality is a significant part of Indian culture, and as such, most houses you will visit have a dedicated puja room or a small unit at least. It is difficult to dedicate a separate puja room in modern households with limited space. So, interior designers have built beautiful and sophisticated puja units in all sizes to ensure everyone can install them in their houses.

Four Pillar Beds for indian interior design

Four pillar beds look very royal and are actually built for a fundamental purpose. The pillars are used to hang mosquito nets, which is a common problem in India. So, today even though the issue of insects and pests has been dealt with, the four pillar beds have stayed because of their royal appeal and intricate craftsmanship. Today you can easily get unique four-pillar beds at affordable prices if you work with the right interior designers.


Indian interior design is an amalgamation of centuries of planning and perfection. This ensures that the elements used to decorate the home interiors are highly functional and primarily serve a purpose that makes your life easier and keeps your house more organized. These are the 5 must things to be present in indian interior design stated by our interior designers in bangalore. If you want to learn more about indian interior design and how to decorate them best, check out Decorpot.