Open-Plan Kitchen Ideas to Inspire You!

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Open-Plan Kitchen Ideas to Inspire You!

Were you looking to upgrade your Kitchen? Possibly a contemporary kitchen island, statement backsplash, or an impeccable modish color scheme. If you are looking for some inspiration for the Interior designers in Bangalore for your new open-plan kitchen, you've come to the right place. Don't be afraid to make the apt decor choices for your home; take a look at the freshest trends in kitchen design.


Countertops are not just a surface where you do all the cooking. When it comes to design, they also tie-up the whole scheme together, along with a contemporary backsplash, wallpaper, flooring, and cabinetry.

The material choices for countertops are many, however choosing one whose colour or texture is in contrast with the cabinets add much-needed drama to this homey space. Neutral cabinets and darker countertops help demarcate and differentiate the area if it is an open plan kitchen and adds contemporary charm and sophistication to the overall look.

Choose countertops whose surfaces look elegant and are functional as well in the long run, replete with minimum maintenance. Stone and marble stay cool, repel dampness and combat physical wear-and-tear, truly luxurious and practical. 


Modular Kitchen in Bangalore

If you’re wondering what a backsplash is, it is the space between the countertops and the below the cabinets in the kitchen, its primary objective to shield the wall from splatters. These days, a contemporary backsplash also adds an aesthetic touch with a variety of options available in hues, patterns, and designs. It is the best place to add a pop of colour and showcase your personal style. 


Modular Kitchen Designs

The idea of providing open shelving for dinner and glassware is simply marvelous. You can proudly display all your antique cookware, vintage glasses, and unique pots and pans. These open shelves allow you to showcase your fine dinnerware among other antiques and collectables. It also makes it easier for you to find things easily and makes storage less complex. 


Kitchen Interior Designers

When it comes to a kitchen that stands out, let your floor do all the talking.  As a homeowner, while planning an open-plan kitchen, zoning plays an important role. Demarcating and differentiating the space can be easily achieved through the use of Statement tiles, something that looks and feels great. Hardwood flooring and engineered wood flooring are classic options that can never go wrong. Herringbone floor patterns are also something new to look out for. Of course, there are more functional options with luxury vinyl that is waterproof and protects the floor from accidental spills. Pro-tip - If you choose lighter hues for your walls and cabinets, pick darker, contrasting kitchen flooring to up the style quotient, and create a lasting impact.

At Decorpot, the best among interior designers in Hyderabad, we strive to create beautiful, functional spaces that are sure to catch the eye of all your guests. The space we create for you is tailored to be the best of the best and reflect your personality in the best way possible.

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