Incredible Open-Plan Bedroom Ideas to Inspire You!

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Incredible Open-Plan Bedroom Ideas to Inspire You!

The idea of an Open Plan for your bedroom has taken the world by storm, particularly the minimalistic aspect of it. An open floor plan layout features large open space and plenty of light; however, it isn’t easy to pull together. It may lack warmness, light and privacy if poorly laid out. It is also daunting to decide on how to organise furniture with no defined spaces and make it stylish and functional. Typically, this layout would include lots of neutral hues to emphasise the home decor selection further.

The best interior designers in Hyderabad often bedroom remodelling remains overlooked by many, while they focus on the home styling of the remainder of their home. Nevertheless, a bedroom is one place where many emotions are involved, so a trivial mistake overthrows the desired ambience. The bedroom is the most significant room in your home, for it gives you comfort and tranquility.


Use an area rug to differentiate or separate areas, such as seating, home office or a den. Combine rooms that make sense. When contemplating which room types are an excellent union, go for a typical combination like a bedroom with office, bedroom with a gym or a bedroom with a reading den. You can also have a space which offers a workspace, living space and bedroom all in one. Consider using neutrals on the walls in white, beige, grey, or tan to make the bold hue of the rug to stand out throughout your space. Another excellent feature about starting from the ground is it provides you with an opportunity to create a space bit by bit.  With some creative planning and the right area rug, simply any space can transform into a home office.


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By utilising the horizontal space, the different zones you assign work in harmony without feeling congested. With a little ingenuity, your bedroom can feel much larger and extremely functional. Use bespoke joinery against the wall to create workspace and storage. Customised joinery is usually one of the most reliable means to manage your multifunctional room.


Paint the focal wall in your bedroom in a luxurious, contrasting colour for added depth. Nothing ties the whole room together like a well-coordinated colour scheme. So, choose a two or three-shade combination while remodelling the bedroom. Even though it’s multifunctional, the space will look more harmonious and coordinated.

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 A truly multifunctional room will hold everything one might require in a really snug space. The bedroom can be divided using a room divider or a two-wall shelf, which adds privacy without forfeiting the spaciousness of it.


Bedroom interior designers suggest multifunctional furniture with built-in storage as the solution to a room leading a dual life. For instance, pick tables with drawers to hold work supplies for a space that’s an office by day and a living room by night. Or if you’re merging a living area and bedroom, get a storage ottoman that can store extra supplies, bedsheets and blankets. Choose modular furniture that fits the space seamlessly.

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