15 Low-Cost Simple Kitchen Design Ideas for your Family

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 15 Low-Cost Simple Kitchen Design Ideas for your Family

Wish to mix modernity and style into your kitchen? Whether they are modern simple kitchen design ideas or low cost simple kitchen designs, there’s a lot of variety to pick from! Below are the details suggested by Decorpot. Glance through them for brilliant ideas to imply at your home!

Vastu-friendly Simple Kitchen Design:

vastu friendly simple kitchen design

Indians follow a religious practice, especially when it comes to kitchen designing. These customs have been followed for many decades and the tradition will continue even in the future. Hence, having a Vastu-friendly kitchen is an ideal choice for Indian families.

A Yellow Shade for Low Cost Simple Kitchen:

yellow shade low cost kitchen design

Pick a Yellow theme for your low cost simple kitchen design. While our brain visualizes this color, it tends to cheer us up as we walk towards it. With suitable lighting in your kitchen, your home will get a shine of yellow, all thanks to this kitchen theme!

Gray Shaded Simple Kitchen Design:

grey shaded simple kitchen design

Thinking of using a unique color for your kitchen theme? A gray toned kitchen would give a fine rich look to the kitchen. This uplifts the mood as the designs are eye catchy. Think gray? Go gray!

Mixed Proportion of Blue Shade for Simple Kitchen:

The simple kitchen with blue cabinets and a white slab makes an ideal combination. The blue color would make the kitchen area look bigger and more attractive. This appeal will surely leave you and your guests gazing at the kitchen all through the while.

Dark Toned Simple Kitchen Design:

dark toned simple kitchen design

Are you a fan of black? Look no further than applying a jet black theme for your simple kitchen. Using such a single shade would be economical for your simple kitchen design layout. The cupboards will look fancy in an all dark concept.

A Rustic Theme Simple Kitchen Design Layout:

rustic theme kitchen design

Give your kitchen a classic wooden finish. A rustic look resembles simplicity and looks extraordinary. This is ideal for small houses with low cost simple kitchen design plans. This way, you ensure that you do not end up burning a hole in your pocket.

White Pattern for your Simple Kitchen:

white pattern simple kitchen design

White resembles Peace! White cabinets would be stunning to the eye. Going all white is simple, yet beautiful! With fancy lighting, the white themed kitchen will glow astonishingly well and look more spacious.

Hotel Concept Simple Kitchen Design:

hotel concept simple kitchen design

With decorative lighting and some flower plants inside, give your kitchen a rich hotel feel. This way, one will take special interest in cooking food and it would be tastier as the person has cooked with love and extra care.

English Farmhouse Style Kitchen:

english farm house style simple kitchen

Give your simple kitchen a rich farmhouse theme. With a separate breakfast counter, sink and microwave section, you will feel like you're staying at a farmhouse, far away from the city while living in the city!

Industrial Themed Kitchen Design:

Industrial kitchens mainly contain dark and light tones. Exposed brick walls and pipes, wood beams, wall-mounted rails and retro-looking appliances are parts of Industrial kitchen design. It creates a sense of space and an eclectic feel that gives a coziness.

Red and White Themed Kitchen Area:

red and white theme kitchen design

According to Indian Vastu, it is believed that red in the kitchen is good and spreads positivity. If you are someone who believes in Vastu compliant kitchens, then look no further than picking the red and white themed design for your simple kitchen area.

French Country Kitchen Design:

french country simple kitchen design

A classic French country kitchen includes objects like a large farmhouse table, glass-front armoires for displaying your fancy collections of booze and glasses, gorgeous vintage copper pans and rustic storage units. Touches of gold, wooden beams and butcher blocks define the elegant looks.

One Tone Simple Kitchen Design:

one tone simple kitchen design

Confused with what shade to imply for your simple kitchen? Running low on budget for your simple kitchen design plan? Well, stick to any color of your choice and use the same implementation. This way, your simple kitchen will look uniform as there is just one color used all around it.

Boho Themed Simple Kitchens:

boho theme kitchen design

Boho kitchens are designed and preferred by individuals who bring about their personality out on the walls. These kitchens mainly feature vintage elements, collections, plants, patterns in wallpaper and tile. There may be open shelves, natural materials like wood and tile are also used in Boho Kitchen styling.

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Design:

mid century modern kitchen design

The mid-century modern kitchen design is also known as MidMod and MCM style. It is related to designs copied from the mid 20th century to give your kitchen area an old school look. Your guests get to take a walk down the memory lane as they get to recall similar patterns seen in their childhood days. The MCM kitchen idea is an out of the box option, if you're looking for something distinctive.

How Decorpot can help you choose the perfect Simple Kitchen design plan?

At Decorpot, our interior designers will gladly present to you a wide range of collections to make a choice from. We believe in your satisfaction and you can place your trust in us. With over 4,250+ projects completed, our goal is to fill your dream home with electrifying designs that will reach beyond your expectations!

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Q1. Can Simple Kitchen Designs be done with a low budget?

Yes! Simple kitchen designs can be constructed with a low budget. Single tone shades would be lesser in price compared to dual tone colors.

Q2. Is the process of designing a Simple Kitchen a long one?

This depends mainly on the type of kitchen you would like to go with. It also depends on the availability of material and work force present at site. However, in most cases, the work gets done at the earliest.

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