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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - HOW TO MAKE A PERFECT MODERN LIVING ROOM - DESIGNER TIPS

If you are thinking of putting in a ‘modern’ living room that has everything that is currently trending, what you have in mind is, in reality, a contemporary style. The ‘modern’ trend refers to a style that emerged in the early part of the last century and continues to be a classic look that is all about being bold and minimalistic at the same time. It is a stark look but not lacking in warmth. It is subtle without being dull. A modern living room can incorporate elements from the traditional and mid-century to the contemporary, keeping its basic features of clean lines and minimal furnishing. Our professional interior designers in Hyderabad suggests Keep these points in mind while planning your modern living room- 

Key features of a modern living room

The modern design works best when you have a spacious living room. And it is even better if you have one with large windows and a great view. But that ideal not being applicable in all cases, focus on maintaining the spacious look with very little cluttering and copious amounts of light. A modern living room is artistic and speaks of luxury and charming hospitality. 


With the modern aesthetic, a little goes a long way. The furniture in your modern living room can be big and eye-catching but the overall number will be few. Each piece stands out and adds to the whole. An accent chair in a striking pattern is a must-have feature. The look is flat and straight with nothing curvy or looking too plush. 

Colour Palette

Black and white are the ruling colors in modern living rooms but don’t be afraid to experiment. Large pops of color through an interesting use of accent chairs or accent walls are often incorporated into the look. Borrowing from a traditional or contemporary style to fit in any range of colors is permissible in a modern living room so long as it does not take away from the balance of the room. 


The modern living room gives you the freedom to bring in some industrial elements into your home. Factory-inspired décor and metallic furniture fit right in. A stunning artwork can be the focal point of the room. Or a striking set of pendant lights in modern art design. Wood, metal, and glass are often used on the floors or walls. The walls are often textured with wood paneling or stone cladding. Living walls or vertical gardens are other features to try out since greenery goes great in a modern living room.

Interior Designers in Bangalore

An oversized piece of art or furniture is typical of a modern living room. Patterned wallpaper and geometric prints on the rugs or walls go well with this look. The ceiling is another area you can really play around with for this style – wainscoting, wood paneling, industrial, beams, bricks, or simply an unexpected burst of color. 

Tasteful and classy, the modern style living room is a homage to the past while staying firmly rooted in the present and we at Decorpot help you to do that. 

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