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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - How Much Does Interior Design Cost in Bangalore

Home is where happiness is. Wherever we go, our hearts always feel longing to get back home where it feels safe and better. It's obvious that one’s home is their own comfort and most lovable place. So it's important to build and design a home in a way you love and dream of. As much as invest time and money in designing the outlook and structure of your home, you also have to do the same for your home interiors. Nowadays, more than the exterior look, people prefer the interiors to be more unique and luxurious, given more people moving into new apartments. With various styles and multifunctional accessories coming up, people tend to invest more in their home interiors. But many people will have questions and queries on how much will it cost to hire a home interior designer and get the best designs for their home.

Especially for a city like Bangalore, there will so let's see some of the best interior designers in Bangalore and how much they cost.


starting cost of interior designers in bangalore

Interior design costs are generally based on the requirements, needs, and amount of space one wants to design. A basic 1BHK home interior design will cost you around 2.5 - 4.5 lakhs. You can get a compact and simple modular kitchen interior, and wooden wardrobes, and tv units in this budget range which suits very well for small apartments.

At Decorpot the range starts from 3 lakhs for end-to-end home interiors for 1BHK apartments and homes and have delivered many successful projects in that range.

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2bhk home interior cost in bangalore

2BHK apartments and homes are compact and the most preferable home space type, especially in Bangalore. These are the best home type for micro families with 3-4 members. For 2BHK, with an extra bedroom and comparatively more space at every part than 1BHK, the cost will be obviously higher. Going for a minimal design that comprises all facets of interiors for 2BHK will start from 5 lakhs - 7 lakhs. Decorpot is known for creating the best interiors for compact homes at affordable prices with our best interior designers in bangalore and you can refer to some of them here.

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3bhk home interior cost in bangalore

As per our record, the 3BHK type is mostly worked on projects in most home interior designing firms in Bangalore. People who want to buy a new home or apartment, prefer 3BHK as it gives them a perfect feel for being grand as well as more functional says our interior designers in bangalore. For a 3BHK, a variety of styles, designs, and themes are available to try out and people are really in for it. So the budget for 3BHK home interiors will be of any range. 3BHK home interior designers in Bangalore can cost you from 7-10 lakhs and also 7 - 18 lakhs and also have the scope of exceeding it more based on your expectations and styles and options you like to go for. The average cost for home designers at decorpot will be from 7.5 - 12 lakhs for end-to-end interior design which includes living room interiors, modular kitchen interiors, master bedrooms, kids bedrooms, guest bedrooms, wardrobes, false ceilings, and more.

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These are the range of interior designers in Bangalore for designing and implementing your home interiors in 2023. The cost may vary depending on various factors and requirements. We at decorpot, being the best interior designers in chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, coimbatore and noida, deliver dream homes in the best price range of all with premium quality. Visit Decorpot today and check out our amazing portfolio gallery to see what we are truly capable of!

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