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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - ELEGENT POOJA ROOM DESIGNS FOR INDIAN HOMES

In most Indian households, Home Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest a safe space that reaffirms your faith in God almighty, one that provides solace and brings your entire family together during festive times is much needed. This dedicated space is a prayer room, known as the Pooja room. Here are a few Pooja room designs that are a part of millions of homes in India. No matter how small or big your space is, it would help if you found the right design for Interiors Bangalore, perfect for creating a serene and peaceful ambience in your area of worship.

A Classic Wall Mounted Shelf

Wall Mounted Pooja Shelf

Rather than occupying a lot of floor area, this form of wall-mounted shelf utilises the wall space to hold the Pooja unit. If your apartment has space limitations, you can opt for this design of the Pooja unit. To make the unit more appealing, just add accent lighting, an eye-catching backdrop with unique wallpaper, and finish it off with traditional decor pieces.

Traditional Temple Style Pooja Unit

Traditional Temple Style Pooja Unit

As the title suggests, this variety of Pooja unit echoes the construction and design of a Hindu temple. A traditional Pooja unit looks the most impressive in a space that is open and roomy. Finishing it with a mixture of carvings and elaborate patterns, intricate posts, enchanting temple bells, and lighting it up with tea-light candles can make the temple-style more spell-bounding. 

Pooja Rooms With An Intricate Jaali Door

Pooja Room Jaali Design

The door of the Pooja unit looks best with exciting design traits as it creates a boundary and allows a tranquil place for devotion. Pooja room door material can be wood, glass, metals, MDF, laminates and a combination of glass and wood too. Compact and exuding character, a Pooja room, with a backlit shrine, intricately detailed doors on both sides and idols placed on marble seating, has a beautiful, peaceful vibe.

Open Pooja Room

As open spaces have become a massive favourite in modern homes, luxuriating in an open Pooja room plan is a chic alternative to stay contemporary and save space. Interior Designers in Bangalore opt towards creating a space for this variety of Pooja room either in your living or dining space that is bestowed with adequate space. Soft ambient illumination and a pair of diyas hanging on long chains can give an added impact to it. 

Bring The Outside In With Pooja Room With A Touch Of Green

Outside Pooja Room

If you favour a nature-inspired room, add a touch of green to your Pooja space with plants and plant holders. Before installing the plants in the tranquil area, make sure your Pooja room has bright skylights to help your plants’ growth and survival. With decreasing green spaces encompassing us, this concept of utilising natural components to enhance the area is here to stay.

Pooja Room In Outdoor Spaces

This is definitely for the people who have abundant and opulent spaces in their homes. When you are at the luxury of outdoor spaces, the sky is the limit for creating and decorating your Pooja space. You can even build a small temple by incorporating decorated pillars, a magnificent tower, engraved doorways, very glossy facades, and many distinct classical details.

Opt for Decorpot, our team of professional interior designers in Bangalore, work with you to create practical spaces that are solely aesthetic. For more Pooja room designs, stay tuned for more from this blog space.

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