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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Trending Pooja Mandir Designs for Your Home 2023

Pooja spaces are an important element of any home. A Pooja room design can bring peace and tranquilly into our homes and lives. And let’s not forget how it brings a vibe of peace and remind us of our humble roots.

So, whether you are looking for inspiration or just want some advice on how to get started, the best interior designers in Bangalore suggested comprehensive tips on designing a Pooja room that is perfect for you.

Different Styles of Home Mandir Designs

There are several Pooja Mandir designs for home that will not only enhance the overall look of your house but also give you a little corner to immerse yourself fully in Pooja and meditation. These divine Pooja room designs are worth a glance to sparkle up the most sacred space of your abode.

Wall-Mounted Pooja Shelf Unit

If you are short on space, you can utilize the space on the wall by opting for a small and compact Mandir unit. Each one of these Pooja room ideas not only saves the maximum space but will also look good with all types of home décor. To make the unit more appealing, you can include emphasis lightening, backdrop it with wallpaper, and decorate it with traditional collectibles.

Marble Mandir Design


Among the various types of natural stones, marble is unrivaled in terms of beauty and durability, making them wholly unique. An excellent marble Pooja room design when rightly matched with a broad variety and different kinds of décor and flooring can be an eye-catchy addition to your house. Particularly white marble evokes a feeling of tranquility and is the preferred material for Pooja and it also adds a pleasant touch to any area.

Bells, Brass, and CNC Decoration mandir design

bells brass and cnc decoration for mandir

If you have a dedicated Pooja room at home, incorporating CNC decor can lend your prayer area more luxurious feel to your space. You can be installed as a backdrop or used to completely fill the prayer area. The expert interior designers in Hyderabad recommended, as bells are considered sacred, decorate it with a little intricate design, and adding some brass temple bells and a pair of diyas for auspicious vibe and ancient feel to the prayer space.

Wooden Pooja Room Designs

wooden pooja room design

Wooden Mandirs fit into any type of interior and still be a statement piece. It makes the entire area more lovely and inviting. The exquisite carvings look wonderful and give your house an opulent feel. Deck it up with pretty focus lights, diyas, and tiny bells, or bells suspended from the wall over the unit to enhance the beauty and charm of your Pooja Room.

Floating Shelves Pooja Mandir

In a minimalistic home, your Pooja unit just needs the simplest form to keep your Pooja essentials neatly tucked away, floating shelves are the best way to go. With focus light to provide better illumination, visibility, and also a magical glow. Adding a backdrop with wallpaper you can make the unit more charming with traditional collectibles.

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These are some of the trending pooja room mandir designs for your home. If you want to take your Pooja room design up a notch, then look no further. Want more ideas? Connect with our best interior designers in bangalore right away!

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