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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Design to Execution - With Decorpot

The home of your dreams is made into a reality with an efficient interior designer backed by a team of experts and a well-planned process. The interior designing team coordinates and produces the best results, just the way you had pictured it. But, there are numerous steps to the process leading to the final glorious reveal of your home. Decorpot, the best interior designers in Bangalore, takes each interior designing project step by step and presents a home that’s tailor-made with the client in mind. Let’s pull back the layers of aesthetic beauty and functional quality given to a home by an interior designer and take a closer look at the work that goes into it.

Planning and design development

The first step in the interior design process is the idea or the initial plan for the client’s future home. The interior designers and the prospective clients make a thorough discussion of various vital aspects of the design pertaining to design style, floor plan, budget, feasibility, and so on. The interior designers will also assess the factors and put a solid strategy in place and narrows in on a deadline for the design project. In the development stage of the design, the interior designers will also ascertain the requirements such as the materials needed for the floor, walls and ceilings, electrical requirements, the installation of modular units, and every other minute yet important detail that is essential to the plan.

Communication to clarify & confirm 

After the initial design plan is drawn up and estimates are calculated, the interior designers will have another discussion to make sure it is feasible and discard any doubts the clients may have. The communication between the interior designers and the client should be free and open to reflect on great interior design. The interior designers will also take the valuable feedback given by the client and incorporate them into the design. Through every step of the interior design process, the interior designers will be in close communication with the client and will update them systematically. At Decorpot, we take it a step further for our clients and they are given the opportunity to remotely monitor the stage of work at their home using our in-house tracking tool.

Best Home Interior Designers in Bangalore

Execution and coordination

After the intricate interior plan and design are laid out and agreed upon, the interior designers turn to the next step of the process. With an ample number of vendors and credible workers in hand, the interior designers will now delegate the work to carefully selected people to carry out the vision of the design. The interior designers essentially shift the burden of overseeing the transformation of the home from the client and provides the assurance backed by the expertise of the team. A tight schedule of work is put in place and the interior designers supervise and see to it that the project is completed within the proposed date of completion. The regular coordination and supervision of the project will also ensure a higher standard and quality.

Interior Designers in Bangalore

Dream Home Handover

The final step of the design process is the one much-awaited by interior designers and clients alike. The moment when the design comes to life and when you witness the transformation of the client’s home. It is up to the interior designers to make sure the final outcome is perfect and according to the vision shared by the client and themselves. The final design is evaluated and made sure it is a reflection of the expertise and efforts put into the entire project and at every level. After every minor detail is improved to perfection, the finished home is handed over to the eager clients with satisfaction.

There is more than that meets the eye when it comes to the process of interior designing. Every step of the process matters and is integral to the overall outcome. Decorpot finds it an absolute joy to transform spaces for our clients, from new house interior designing to living room interior designing and everything in between. If you have a dream home in your mind, do get in touch with us to make it come true!

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